William Jewell College offers accelerated three-year degree options in a number of majors to accommodate students who want to complete their undergraduate degrees in less than four years. More and more students are bringing credits to college from other sources like dual enrollment courses and AP credits that give them a head start. Others want to focus their energy and continue their academic studies between semesters and during summers in order to graduate before their peers, enabling them to enter career fields or graduate schools a year early. For many, saving a year’s worth of tuition and room and board expenses also is an important consideration.
William Jewell, with its small classes, accessible faculty and ability to provide individual academic experiences is the perfect place to help meet the challenges and opportunities that accelerated programs present. Advising will begin even before the first day of classes; you will know exactly what you need to do to prepare for and succeed in one of our three-year programs. And later on, if you choose to slow down and extend your college career to four years, you will be able to do that.
Participating Programs
Accounting, Business, Communication, Economics, English, French, Math, Nursing, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Spanish
How to Apply for the 3-Year Degree Option
It’s simple. Just check the 3-year option box in the admission application. Your admission counselor will call you to go over the program in more detail and encourage you to come for a campus visit to talk with a faculty advisor.