The institutional logos are copyrighted and are not to be used for commercial purposes without the express written consent of the Office of College Relations and Marketing.

The logo consists of the name William Jewell College in cardinal red (PMS 200) and black, in either the horizontal or vertical formats at right. The logo must always be easily discernible on all publications. The logo must always be reproduced in its entirety. It must not be altered in proportion, printed in unauthorized color combinations or changed in any other way. The logo should always be reproduced from electronic files.

Athletic Mascot Logo
The athletic logo, also called the spirit logo, is cardinal red (PMS 200) with the cardinal head outlined in black. The main section of the cardinal head and the inside of the “J” must be printed in cardinal red at 100%, and the beak is yellow (PMS 123) and black.

One- and two-color options of all logos may be obtained from the Office of College Relations and Marketing at 816-415-5223 or email

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