At William Jewell College we prepare students to think critically and adapt in a rapidly changing and complex world. As a national liberal arts college, William Jewell emphasizes “liberal” learning, meaning to liberate the mind, think independently, respect differences, connect ideas and challenge assumptions. This approach to teaching and learning is reflected in all areas of study and experience-based activities.

A Community of Scholars
Our passionate professors operate as mentors to create a vibrant learning community. Small class sizes and personal attention are two attributes that frequently garner Jewell attention in national studies. Students of all majors collaborate with professors on conducting original research, publishing articles in scholarly journals, presenting at national conferences and preparing for intercollegiate competitions.

Engaged Learning
“Living what you learn” is highly valued at Jewell. We help students build a personalized, experiential Jewell Journey that balances academic rigor with experiences that develop passions. Students set their own course of learning through research scholarships, service learning, campus leadership, Journey Grants, study abroad and internships.

Value of the Jewell Experience
About 92% of Jewell graduates complete their degree in four years and 97.9% have jobs or are in graduate school within six months of graduating. The Jewell experience also extends far beyond a diploma. We prepare students for the whole of life. We build a foundation for lifelong learning, global citizenship and social responsibility. A liberal arts education at William Jewell provides a lens for a new way of looking at the world.