Our vision is to be a welcoming, integrated, and collaborative learning environment that serves as a vital resource for academic support and life-long learning to the college and community.

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All students at William Jewell College are eligible to receive tutoring, provided by the Academic Achievement Center, at no charge. There may be certain courses where tutors are not available. Your faculty member is your first resource for your courses.

You may request an individual tutor or take advantage of the drop-in tutoring sessions. Individual tutors will meet with you one-on-one via scheduled meeting times, while drop-in tutors are available during assigned days and times.

As a student, you may receive up to two free hours of individual tutoring a week per course, for up to two courses. Such hours are not cumulative-that is you cannot “bank” weekly hours not used and use them later. Anything above two free hours for two courses would require that you hire a private tutor. Note that if you hire a private tutor, the price must be negotiated by you and the prospective tutor.

You will be sent your tutor’s William Jewell College email address. You need to contact the tutor directly to schedule tutoring sessions. A tutor has 48 hours to respond. If you have issues scheduling sessions, please contact the Director of the Academic Achievement Center. Once a student is assigned a tutor, you will receive access to the Center’s policies. 

Academic Support
If you would like to set a general appointment to discuss learning strategies, study skills, time management, or any additional academic support with the Academic Achievement Center Director, click the button below.

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