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Our faculty – not graduate students – teach your major courses. Throughout your undergraduate career, you are a partner with our professors in a vital learning community.

The Biology faculty are a diverse group with varied research interests. They have working relationships with scientists at Stowers Institute, Kansas University Medical Center, Kansas University and University of  Missouri-Kansas City. You may find them conducting research on the Puerto Rican coastline, Hawaiian rainforests and Midwest prairies. They participate on peer research teams to study anthrax toxin and cardiovascular disease, partner with students in the 13,000 square feet of laboratory space, lead plant ecology studies in the department’s greenhouse and even serve our country in Afghanistan with the National Guard Reserves.

Paul Klawinski, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Animal Ecologist
Research Summary

Scott Falke, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
 Research Summary

Renee Harper, B.S.
Laboratory Manager

Jennifer Moody, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Plant Ecologist
Research Summary

Anne Nickel, M.S.
Lab Instructor

Rose Reynolds, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Evolutionary Biologist








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