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In the Biology Department, we believe that . . .

  • science is one way of knowing.
  • science is as much an activity as it is a body of concepts and facts.
  • science is best learned by engaging in the subject material actively rather than passively.

These beliefs inform how we teach and how our students learn. As such, we stress original, independent research in our program both in our courses and through the Undergraduate Research Requirement. We begin involving students in developing questions and finding answers to those questions from the very first course they take. We also have a required, two-year (four semester) program of undergraduate research that guides students through the different phases of research and culminates in the undergraduate thesis and presentation.

Current areas of faculty research span all levels of biological organization from cells to ecosystems. We also train students in the techniques necessary to succeed in research: experimental design, statistical analysis, field specific techniques related to the student’s research question, oral presentation skills and scientific writing. At the end of this experience, our students are ready to take up careers in research, graduate study, professional study and a variety of industry positions. Many of our students view this experience as a defining aspect of their undergraduate experience in Biology. Read how recent Jewell biology alumni are using their degree in their career.




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