British Teacher Education Program

At William Jewell College, we care about the quality of tomorrow’s teachers. That is evident in the careful selection and meticulous preparation of students enrolled in our fully accredited Education Department. We firmly believe that teachers, present and future, deserve exceptional opportunities to learn and grow in their profession.

Our increasingly complex global community requires individuals who are exposed to the best thinking and innovative movements and trends from around the world. Long a leader in overseas study, William Jewell College offers an exciting international program that includes a stateside review of British primary and secondary education, followed by four weeks in an English primary and secondary school from early June to early July.

Upon entering the English classroom, American educators will appreciate at once the many strengths of British primary and secondary education. The attractive, colorful displays, the wide range of materials for math and science, and the impressive examples of children’s art, penmanship and creative writing all reflect the emphasis on active, integrative learning that characterizes British education at the primary level. In the secondary schools, educators are able to participate in technology rich classrooms, observe unique senior year research projects and observe information technology projects from the planning stage.

At William Jewell College: The Seminar
Five seminar sessions are held in the late afternoon at William Jewell during the spring semester prior to the trip.  The purpose of the seminar sessions, which are a prerequisite for the experience in England, is to enable the group members to become acquainted with each other, to become familiar with the English primary and secondary education system, and to learn more about Great Britain in order to enhance the entire experience. 

In England: The Program
All participants are placed in exemplary British primary and secondary schools in the Wiltshire region. Three to four days a week are spent at the school. Seminars or workshops are planned for participants during the week as well.  Extended weekends are reserved for travel and recreation.

The Wiltshire Experience
Ideally located in the Wiltshire region of southwestern Great Britain, Chippenham is convenient to the nearby historic city of Bath. Bath has been welcoming visitors for over 2,000 years and presents some of the finest architectural sights in Europe, including the Roman Baths, the Royal Crescent and the Circus. Bath takes pride in sharing its secrets and unique heritage, which can be explored in more than 40 museums, galleries, gardens and attractions.  The city is also very much alive with an intriguing mix of theatre, festivals, restaurants and shopping.

William Jewell’s long-established program provides comfortable bed and breakfast accommodations four days per week. Participants will enjoy the experience of immersion in a new and innovative English primary or secondary school in Wiltshire.

Academic Credit
College students earn six hours of undergraduate credit. Elementary Education majors can apply four hours of this credit to certain areas of concentration (Communication, English, Fine Arts and History).

Included in the Basic Cost of $3,500 (Estimate as of September 2013)

  • Bed & Breakfast for 4 "school nights"
  • School placements and on-site workshops and weekly fieldtrips to local attractions
  • Six William Jewell College credit hours

Additional Cost

  • Airfare
  • Weekend travel, accommodation, transportation, entertainment

Housing and Meals
Participants are housed in a bed & breakfast facility in the village of Chippenham. Participants will be responsible for noon and evening meals. A number of inexpensive restaurants are available in Chippenham or nearby Bath.

Travel Opportunities
A major goal of the program is to acquaint participants with Great Britain. Excellent train service and extended weekend facilitate travel to all parts of England, Scotland and Wales.

A member of the William Jewell College Education Department accompanies the group to England to coordinate the program, to represent the College and to act as a liaison to the schools.

Please contact the Department of Education at (816) 415-7627 for more information.

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