The Majors

Accounting (Bachelor of Science)

Business Administration (Bachelor of Science)

Economics (Bachelor of Arts)

Nonprofit Leadership
(Bachelor of Arts)
The interdisciplinary major in Nonprofit Leadership is designed to prepare students for professional careers in the nonprofit sector. The major builds on the Academic Core curriculum and leads to a (BA) degree. Students are encouraged to choose a second language related to their nonprofit interests for the language requirement. Students who earn a BS degree in conjunction with the first major may earn a second major in Nonprofit Leadership by fulfilling the academic core requirements for the BS degree and all nonprofit major requirements.


The Minors

Business Administration Minor

Economics Minor

Entrepreneurial Leadership Minor

Nonprofit Leadership Minor
Students wishing to obtain a minor in Nonprofit Leadership will be majoring in other areas but have an interest in the nonprofit world, with representative organizations such as hospitals, human service organizations, international non-governmental organizations, and many others. For details, visit the Pryor Leadership Program or email Dr. Tom Vansaghi, campus director. 

Certificate Programs

Nonprofit Leadership Certificate
The Nonprofit Leadership Certficate program, which is based on 17 core competencies, is open to all students from any major and complements the Pryor Leadership Studies Program, the Tucker Leadership Lab, and the curricular and co-curricular activities already in place at William Jewell College. The Nonprofit Leadership Certficate benefits students by giving them targeted studies/experiences in the core competencies necessary for effective leadership in nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit Leadership Association students also have numerous opportunities to interact with nonprofit leaders through their participation in workshops, conferences and internships with a highlight being the annual AH Management Institute.  

Pryor Leadership Studies Program 
In order for William Jewell College to be the “Leadership College,” it must maintain an educational context that teaches personal, vocational and civic leadership through critical reflection, mentoring and experience.Toward that end, a leadership certificate pilot program was established in the fall of 1993 by the College in conjunction with the Pryor Foundation, headed by Fred and Shirley Pryor. In January 1998, the Leadership Studies Program was permanently endowed by the Pryors.

Students are chosen each spring semester through a competitive application/interview process. In order to graduate as Pryor Leadership Fellows and receive the corresponding leadership certificate, students must complete all required activities. A leadership portfolio is maintained on each Pryor Fellow. In order to receive the Pryor Leadership Certificate, the portfolio must be reviewed and approved by an evaluation committee comprised of the leadership studies director, faculty members and representatives designated by the Pryor Foundation. At the request of the Pryor Foundation, this review process may also include exit interviews with students.


 Student Story
Experience Business 
Hear how Jimmy Cochran lived what he learned by helping an advertising agency introduce a worldwide brand.

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