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2015 Schedule of Presentations
Yates-Gill College Union, Room 221
Start Name Advisor Title
8:30 AM Amelia Hanzlick, Brit Isbell, Cameron VanDyke, Jamie Wallen Kevin Shaffstall, Mary Hopkins End the Cycle: Combatting Child Sexual Abuse
8:50 AM Emily Scott Michael Cook
United States Housing Problem: Habitat for Humanity vs. Governmental Programs
9:10 AM Ayna Palvanova Michael Cook
Dynamics of Power in the Economic Development of Central Asia
9:30 AM - BREAK
10:00 AM Cameron VanDyke
Michael Cook Mexico’s Economic Dependence on Drugs: The “Dutch Disease” Returns
10:20 AM Brit Isbel
Alan Holiman
Peace in the East and Justice Forgone: How MacArthur and the Interest of Nation-Building Saved Emperor Hirohito
10:40 AM Quinlan Riser
Michael Cook
The Metro: Link between effective transportation systems and Poverty in Metropolitan areas
11:00 AM - LUNCH
1:10 PM Quentin Riser
Michael Cook
Creating Sustainable Economic Growth in Tribal Communites
1:30 PM Cameron VanDyke
Jennifer Colón El rey burgués: Marxist Theory Applied to Spanish Modernism
1:50 PM Amelia Hanzlick
Susan Myers
Strategic French Market Expansion for Warby Parker
2:10 PM Alexander Bush
Michael Cook
HIV/AIDS: A Problem of Insufficient Market Demand, Not Resource Scarcity
2:30 PM - BREAK
Yates-Gill College Union, Room 222
Start Name Advisor Title
8:30 AM Stewart Duncan
Ian Coleman
Tension as an Analytical Tool in the Life and Music of Ralph Vaughan Williams
8:50 AM Travis Lane
Jason Morrill
The Parallel Synthesis of Para-substituted N-(benzylamino)isatins for Potential Breast Cancer Treatment
9:10 AM Devi Fitelly
Brendon Benz
Blood, Burdens, and Women as Image
9:30 AM - BREAK
10:00 AM Suzi Barboza-Pacheco, Daniel Virga Meena Shrivastav Evaluation of Heat Shock Protein HSP90 as a Potential Therapeutic Agent in Cancer Regression
10:20 AM Samantha Anderson, Brandell LeGrande, Mandy McKinney
Lori Bunton
Vulnerable Populations Project: Empowering Caregivers of Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
10:40 AM Bradley Dice
Jason Morrill
The Glass-forming Ability and Packing Efficiency of Ternary Hard Sphere Mixtures as Model Bulk Metallic Glasses
11:00 AM - LUNCH
1:10 PM Johanna Alpert, Jacob Marlay
Anne  Nickel
Effect of Variation in Flower Density on Pollen Load of Honey Bees
1:30 PM Devi Fitelly
Brendon Benz
Forgiveness and Atonement
1:50 PM Jordan Lewis, Carmen Rabel
Keli Braitman
Social Media Use and Personality Correlates among College Students
2:10 PM Betsy Morrisroe Leesa McBroom
Oral Hygiene and Prevention of Non-Ventilator Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia
2:30 PM - BREAK
Yates-Gill College Union, Room 212
Start Name Advisor Title
8:30 AM Jill Powers
Sara Morrison
Dramatic Battles of Early Modern Patriarchal Constraints
8:50 AM Kayla Haffley
Rose Reynolds
Testing the Role of daf-2 in the Control of Lifespan in Caenorhabditis remanei
9:10 AM Sabrina Davis
Brad Chance
Conflict in Early 20th Century America: The Fundamentalist-Modernist Controversy
9:30 AM - BREAK
10:00 AM Alexis McDanel
Elaine Reynolds
A Selfish Endeavor: A Deconstruction and Reevaluation of Medieval Chivalry
10:20 AM Simone Stewart
Patrick Bunton
Schlieren Imaging of Viscous Fingering in Porous Media
10:40 AM Hailey Mills
Brad Chance
A Search for the Soul: Historical, Biblical, and Modern Interpretations
11:00 AM - LUNCH
1:10 PM Jamie Wallen
Alan Holiman
The Complications of Prosecuting Rape After War
1:30 PM Hayden Murray
Alan Holiman
The United States Policy of De-Ba'athification in Iraq
1:50 PM Rebecca Roach
Ruth Williams
Traverse; a Chapbook and Study in Poetics
2:10 PM Kate Lehenbauer Jason Morrill
The Synthesis of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors for Use in Anticancer Treatments
2:30 PM - BREAK
Pryor Learning Commons 112
Start Name Advisor Title
8:30 AM Stephanie Mullen
Gina Lane
The Persuasiveness of Framed Texting and Driving PSAs on Young Adults with Risk Taking Behavior
8:50 AM Zach Whittaker
Christopher Wilkins
The Missouri Crisis: Guerrilla Warfare in Missouri During the Civil War
9:10 AM Hannah Swan
Lori Wetmore
Thromboxane A2 Receptor Agonist, U46619, and its Role in Pathological Hypertrophy in Cardiomyocytes
9:30 AM - BREAK
10:00 AM Morgan McCutchen
Nathan Wyman
Costume Design for "Picasso at the Lapin Agile"
10:20 AM Benjamin Shinogle
Jennifer Cotter
Murasaki's The Tale of Genji: Patriarchal Precepts in Feminine Writing
10:40 AM Sabrina Davis
Jane Woodruff
From Hebrew to Greek: "Mysteries" and King David in the Septuagint
11:00 AM - LUNCH
1:10 PM Evan Jones
Susan Myers
An Adventure in French
1:30 PM Loree Hazelrigg
Jennifer Colón Going Commando: The Stripping of Cultural Expectations in my Study Abroad Experience
1:50 PM Preston Felgate
Jennifer Colón How a Vacation Changed My Educational Experience in Spanish
2:10 PM Reed Brown
Anne Nickel
The Effects of Caffeine on the Growth of Escherichia coli
2:30 PM - BREAK
Gano Chapel
Start Name Advisor Title
12:30 PM Elizabeth Brock, Rebecca Roach, Madelyn Roundey, Riley Suida
Tony Brandolino, Dana Woolard-Hughlett

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