Welcome from the Director of Debate

William Jewell Debate is one of the longest running and most successful programs on campus. Our program enjoys the continued support of the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty and staff of William Jewell College because of the consistency at which the debate program is able to deliver Jewell’s promise of a rigorous, small-group liberal arts education. William Jewell College consistently acknowledges the benefit of competitive debating to a liberal arts education—we seek to produce students who exemplify thoughtful, disciplined public speaking, research, critical thinking and public advocacy skills— we are critical thinkers in community pursuing meaningful lives.

Using the laboratory of nationally and regionally competitive debate competitions, students are prepared to communicate with audiences ranging from highly-specific, limited-preparation competition environments to argumentation and advocacy intended for public audiences. William Jewell College Debate seeks national-level competitive success, to engage the William Jewell College student population at-large, and to build connections with the Kansas City high school debate and forensics community. We explicitly aim to prepare students to access top-tier post-graduate opportunities.

While the most successful members of the team come to Jewell with significant high school debate experience, all William Jewell students are welcome to join the debate team. Scholarships are available for students with substantial high school experience. If you are interested in joining the debate team, please contact me at dennisk@william.jewell.edu.

Kyle Dennis
Director of Debate