Digital Archives

The Charles F. Curry Library Archives is launching a project to increase the digitization of the college’s historical materials and make these materials freely accessible online. Currently, the publications that have already been digitized through a grant in 2004 are held by the Missouri State Library’s Missouri Digital Heritage website. Below you will find links to these collections, and we will be implementing plans to add to our digital collections as the year progresses.

Please feel free to let us know what digital collections you would like to see available online, and we will take these suggestions into consideration as we develop this program.

Civil War on the Western Border, Curry Library Collections at William Jewell College The resources that are available include newspapers, yearbooks, student applications, event programs, histories of campus organizations, and biographical information of people involved with William Jewell College and the surrounding area.
Achieve – the Alumni Magazine of William Jewell College Achieve, the Alumni Magazine of William Jewell College, has been published on an occasional basis since 1971. Volumes up through 2001-2002 are available here. Also included in this collection are some President’s Annual Reports and Honor Roll of Donors.
History of William Jewell College, Liberty, Clay County, Missouri The first publication of William Jewell College’s history was authored by James G. Clark at the request of the college’s Board of Trustees in 1893.
Jewell is Her Name: A History of William Jewell College The second authoritative history of William Jewell College was published in 1967 by Hubert Inman (H. I.) Hester. Dr. Hester is an integral figure in the history of Jewell.
Cardinal is Her Color: One Hundred Fifty Years of Achievement at William Jewell College The third William Jewell history written in twelve chapters, begins from the period of Jewell is Her Name and focusing on the years of 1949-1999 to celebrate Jewell’s sesquicentennial anniversary.
My Memories of William Jewell College An account by John Eustace Davis, an alumnus and later a faculty member, of his time at Jewell over a span of 50 years published in 1959.
Tatler – the William Jewell College Yearbook The full run of Tatler yearbooks has been digitized. Please click on the link to view or download volumes.