Getting Started

To receive alternate formats in a timely manner, we encourage you to follow the steps below. We  recommend that you submit requests as soon as you register for next semester’s classes, but at the latest text requests for the next semester must be submitted no later than the end of the current semester to ensure that materials are available when needed (3 weeks prior for summer sessions). Delivery of texts that are requested after the end of the current semester for the upcoming semester may be delayed.

Obtaining Alternate Texts

1. Register for your courses as early as possible. Obtain the list of required texts for each course from the college bookstore or the syllabus.

2. Check to see if the titles you are requesting are already available in a format you can use. You can do this by searching the sites of online resellers such as Barnes and Noble, Learning Ally, Pearson, Bookshare, Amazon, and others. We can help you get started with this process, if needed.

3. If texts are not available elsewhere, submit an Alternative Text Request Form to the Instruction Librarian for each title needed. Please DO NOT purchase your books before submitting a request. Be sure to complete all sections.

4. The Instruction Librarian will advise as to whether or not the text is freely available in an alternative format. If the text is freely available the Instruction Librarian will provide you a copy of the text or direct you to its source.

5. If the text is not freely available the Instruction Librarian will contact you with additional instructions.

Please Remember!

*** Allow at least  3 weeks for conversion of materials. We cannot otherwise ensure delivery of materials by date needed.

*** Texts you provide will not be rebound and will not be returned to you unless specified by you at time of delivery to the Instruction Librarian.

*** Keep your receipts!