Inside the Process of Electronic Texts

The following will take you through the process of obtaining electronic texts and the scope of responsibility of those involved. The purpose of outlining the process is to help students, staff, and faculty understand the steps that are taken and the reason each step necessitates completion in a timely matter.

1) The student contacts the Disability Services Counselor to receive certification of accommodations.

2) The Disability Services Counselor informs the Instruction Librarian that the student is eligible for alternative texts.

3) The student enrolls in courses for the upcoming semester and obtains a list of required texts for each class from the college bookstore or the syllabi.

4) It is strongly recommended that the student check various resources available to see if the texts are freely available, or in a sufficient format for purchase. We recommend this because if the student needs an audiobook format, it may be cheaper, faster, and better quality to purchase from a source such as than to go through additional steps.

5) If the student is unable to locate texts in an accessible format, the student fills out an Alternative Text Request form that is sent to the Instruction Librarian.

6) The Instruction Librarian checks additional sources for the text. If the text is not freely available the Instruction Librarian will contact the student.

7) At this point, the Instruction Librarian will direct the student to purchase the text and send the Instruction Librarian a copy of the receipt.

8) The Instruction Librarian will contact the publisher to obtain a copy of the alternate text, if the publisher has made one available. Be advised the Instruction Librarian will give the publisher one week to remit the text electronically.

9) If the publisher does not have an alternate text format available or does not respond within one week, the Instruction Librarianwill obtain a copy of the text, either the student’s copy or from Student Life, and will send the text to the University of Missouri to be scanned to a digital format.

10) The text will be returned from MU and the Instruction Librarian will contact the student to make arrangements for delivering the text either in person, via the Jewell web server, or by email (depending on file size)