The Department of Digital and Visual Art at Jewell believes that understanding practical and real-world applications within art-related fields is just as important as gaining artistic skills. Distinctive opportunities for art students beyond the classroom include:

internships and mentorships with advertising agencies, graphic designers, museums, galleries, design firms, photographers, Hallmark, Disneyworld and many others in the Greater Kansas City area and beyond.
interdisciplinary program collaboration between the art and business departments.
overseas study availability in a variety of places and disciplines.
exposure to the premier visual arts venue in the Northland, the Stocksdale Gallery on the Jewell campus, introducing students to professional art exhibits and providing contact with visiting artist lectures and workshops.
graduating seniors preparing their own exhibit that is put on display at our own Stocksdale Gallery.
a prime location 20 minutes from downtown Kansas City, offering students valuable experiences and exposure to a variety of artists’ studios, art galleries, art businesses and, of course, the great nationally recognized Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.