In this ever-changing world, mathematics is an important component to any field. Through this course of study, students can explore connections between various areas of mathematics and other liberal arts courses. Students at Jewell have the opportunities to put their mathematics skills to the test, both on and off campus. On-campus opportunities include individualized research, collaborative research with other students and professors, participating in KME mathematics honor society meetings and co-curricular activities through other academic departments.

Mathematics majors are well prepared to take on any number of challenges outside of the academic setting. Other benefits to being a mathematics major include:

  • Mathematics graduates go on to pursue graduate studies or careers in business, non-profit organizations, or the sciences;
  • Students have the opportunity to double major in mathematics and something else of their choice, thus broadening their academic scope;
  • Jewell mathematics majors can become certified to teach through a major in math and education.

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