The term diversity is used to describe individual differences and similarities and group/social differences and similarities that can be engaged in the service of learning and working together in community.

The term inclusion is used to describe the active, intentional, and ongoing engagement with diversity—in people, in the curriculum, in the co-curriculum, and in communities (intellectual, social, cultural, geographical).  Inclusion requires the creation of a climate where all feel valued and appreciated, where there is substantive interaction between and among groups, where diverse groups participate in academic and administrative decision-making, and barriers to inclusion are identified and addressed.  Inclusion describes the ways in which individuals might connect that increase one’s awareness, content knowledge, cognitive sophistication, and empathetic understanding of the complex ways individuals interact within systems and institutions.

Andy Pratt
Ms. Kothney Issa-Bush
14.08.15 SPI Faculty & Staff Media Photo Day
Dr. Debbie Chasteen
Rev. Jeff Buscher