The Black Student Association’s mission is to enlighten the campus and community through educational and engaging events that bring about awareness of Black history, culture, and current issues, while uniting and supporting the Black students of Jewell. The purpose of BSA is to design and implement a myriad of activities and events which improve the campus and community through education and awareness of Black history, culture, and current issues, expose and celebrate our appreciation for heritage, and foster vigorous and open campus-wide discussions.

International Students Association (INSA) helps international students at Jewell adapt to American culture and have fun activities together as a group. Members hope to let domestic students know more about international students by having an international day on campus and inviting American students to join events.  The organization allows students to realize that our society is diverse with different opinions and perspectives. Actively interacting with people from different cultures enable students to both respect and accept those differences. This organization will improve the relationship between international students and American students. It can also provide opportunities for domestic students to learn more about international students and their culture.

Jewell Feminists is an organization that loves all individuals and strives to increase awareness and equal treatment of women through discussion and socially relevant events. This organization strives to facilitate and open and safe environment for discussion, organization, collaboration and activism regarding issues of feminism and gender. While the WJC Feminist Organization is primarily focused on gender issues we acknowledge the interconnectedness of all forms of oppression and are committed to an end of all oppression. In order to maintain an open and safe environment our organization recognizes and respects all living styles

Mi Gente seeks to facilitate an open and safe environment for discussion, organization, collaboration and activism regarding issues of Latinx and Hispanic identity, culture and politics. The organization seeks to raise awareness of Latinx issues both as students of this institution and as responsible members of this community. Futhermore, Mi Gente endeavors to celebrate and raise awareness about Latinx identity and heritage by creating social opportunities for members of this campus.

QUILTBAG is an organization that exists to give the Queer/Questioning, Undecided, Intersex, Lesbian, Trans, Bisexual, Asexual, Gay community and its allies a safe place on campus. We are also an organization that advocates for the rights of the LGBTQ people. Our goal is to raise campus and community awareness of the realities of the LGBTQ population. We plan on raising awareness through educational materials, personal and community dialogues and public demonstrations.