Dual-Degree Engineering

Dual-Degree Engineering

A strong foundation in the liberal arts, critical thinking and problem-solving contributes to the success of engineers.

While Jewell offers a civil engineering degree, our dual-degree engineering program is a great option if you are interested in other engineering disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, biomedical, chemical, computer and environmental.

Also referred to as a 3-2 program (3 years at Jewell and 2 years at a partner school), the dual-degree option is designed to be completed in five years and allows you to complete a Bachelor of Arts from Jewell in the recommended majors of physics, chemistry or mathematics, and a B.S. in engineering from one of our partner schools:

  • Washington University (St. Louis)
  • University of Kansas – electrical engineering only (Lawrence)
  • Vanderbilt University (Nashville)
  • Columbia University (New York)
  • Missouri S&T (Rolla)

Hands-on Curriculum

Dalton Nelson has practiced astronomy at Lowell Observatory in Arizona, developed an engineering prototype and taught engineering at a camp in Texas. He will pursue biomedical engineering.


Sustainable Solutions

Samantha Cobb studied aquaponics in the U.S. Virgin Islands, completed a feasibility study in the Bahamas and taught workshops in Guatemala. She studies chemical engineering at Washington University.


Associate Engineer

Bikesh Dahal completed a physics degree at Jewell and a mechanical engineering degree at Columbia University. He stayed in New York City and works for an engineering consulting group.


Dual-Degree Engineering