Frequently Asked Questions

Does William Jewell College offer teacher certification?


  • At the undergraduate level, William Jewell College’s Department of Education offers full-time, day courses in teacher education in either elementary or secondary education.
  • For persons who already possess a baccalaureate or advanced degree, William Jewell College’s Department of Education offers day courses post-baccalaureate elementary or secondary teacher certification without an additional degree.

Do I have to double major?
  Elementary education majors must minor or complete a defined area of concentration (minimum 21 credit hours) in a content field that is taught in elementary school.
Secondary education majors must double major in the field they desire to teach.
Post-baccalaureate teacher certification students must already posses a major or the equivalent of a major in the secondary field that they desire to teach or in a field related to the elementary curriculum.

In which subject areas does William Jewell College offer teacher education programs?

Elementary generalist—prepared to teach a contained classroom, grades 1-6.

Secondary—prepared to teach one of the following subjects in a 9-12 classroom:

Biology Chemistry
Physics English
Social Studies Mathematics
Speech & Theatre Physical Education
OR a K-12 classroom:
Art French
Spanish Instrumental Music
Vocal Music  

When will I be in a classroom?
  All undergraduate students complete five formal field experiences, one each in the springs of their first and second years; one each in the fall and spring of the junior year; and student teaching. You will be in a different school setting, including suburban, urban and rural, in each of these experiences to ensure that you understand how to meet the needs of individuals and groups of students in a variety of instructional environments. Instructors make assignments to be completed during each fieldwork from a variety of courses so that you practice different knowledge and skills in every fieldwork. Your knowledge and skills develop over time so that you do more complex tasks over time. Fieldwork requirements culminate in a full semester student teaching experience during which you gradually assume full control and teach.

Where will I student teach?
  William Jewell College works with many schools in the metro Kansas City area. We will select a placement in which you will have the best experience possible. You may request an urban, rural or suburban student teaching placement if you so desire.

What teaching certificate will I get if I pursue teacher education at William Jewell College?

Missouri Initial Professional Certificate (IPC) in:

  • Elementary 1-6 or
  • Secondary 9-12 (by subject area) or
  • K-12 (by subject area)

How long will my teacher education program take?

Undergraduates should consult a teacher education advisor as soon as they decide to pursue teacher education. The education department at William Jewell College is designed to be completed within the four-year degree program but there are certification requirements which must be folded into degree requirements, and that requires careful advising.

The post-baccalaureate certification programs are designed to be completed in three to four semesters depending upon coursework completed within the earlier undergraduate degree.

Are tests required for teacher certification?

Yes, different (by program) entry and exit tests are required for all teacher education students.

Undergraduates must submit ACT or SAT scores. In addition, Missouri requires undergraduate teacher education students to pass the C-BASE prior to admission to teacher education (not college admission).

Post-baccalaureate students must pass the required content PRAXIS II content area/pedagogy test for entry to the secondary program or the C-BASE for entry to the elementary program.

I don’t plan to teach in Missouri. Do I have to meet all of the Missouri requirements?
  Yes. Other states predicate their certification on the teacher education candidate having completed an approved teacher education program in the state where they did teacher education. Thus, all Missouri requirements must be met.

Can I teach in other states?
  Yes. Missouri requirements match well with other states’ requirements so that our graduates have no problems getting certified to teach in other states (although an additional 1-2 courses or a different exit test may be required by other states). The William Jewell College teacher certification officer will help you interpret other states’ certification procedures.

Do William Jewell College teachers get jobs?
  Yes. The teaching market varies by year and location, but the William Jewell College teacher education program placement rates range from 85 to 100 percent in any given year.




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