Fieldwork in K-12 Schools

Teacher education students at Jewell are asked to take the ideas learned in all campus-based coursework and apply and reflect on them in a minimum of five clinical field experiences in the schools. The five field experiences occur in a developmental sequence wherein teacher education students build their understanding of the teaching and learning process. Initially, teacher education students are directed what to observe and do, but as their knowledge of teaching and learning grows, students are expected to assist the teacher and then plan and implement instruction themselves. Over the course of the field experiences, students are placed at some time in an urban school, a rural school and a suburban school so that the student can both experience and understand how community and social conditions and culture influence the teaching and learning process. 

School partners are integral to this component of our teacher education program. We, quite literally, could not do this without them; therefore, we seek school partners and cooperating teachers who share our beliefs about teaching and learning. Moreover, we create partnerships in which both partners benefit.  Both our faculty and our students serve the teachers and students of the school, while the school and its teachers in turn provide professional development of our teacher candidates.


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