Physics faculty and students engage in a wide range of research topics, many with links to engineering fields.  Through research projects, students develop skills necessary for engineering including construction of experimental equipment, data collection and analysis, and computer programming and modeling.  During the fall and spring semesters, students are involved in research projects through the Research Experience course.  During the summer, students may apply for the Pillsbury Scholars Program.

Pillsbury Scholars Research Program
Each year at least five students—typically from the first- or second-year class—are chosen to engage in six weeks of paid summer research. Students selected for this program also receive free on-campus housing.

Students work closely with one or more faculty members on various projects. Some projects involve fundamental research on novel materials or calculations on various types of stars. Other projects are oriented toward engineering and design. One recent example of a design project is a water-purification system for use in Third World countries.

Besides laboratory work, students get a chance to interact with peers and faculty members in a setting outside of the usual classroom. As part of this interaction, students and faculty get to know each other by playing a game of Botchee Ball on The Quad or making liquid nitrogen ice cream. Students also enjoy a day together at Worlds of Fun. Students usually participate in one service project such as painting houses in the Palestine neighborhood of Kansas City through Jewell's Matthew 25 Program.

To inquire about this program, contact Department Chair Patrick Bunton at buntonp AT william.jewell DOT edu.

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