Students must adhere to federal, state, and institutional requirements regarding eligibility for financial aid. It is the responsibility of the student to understand what is required of them to receive financial assistance. This site is dedicated to prevent lapses in financial aid eligibility.

Financial Aid Award Disclosure

  • William Jewell College has an awarding philosophy that is based in fairness and provides each family with the College’s best financial aid package at the outset of the process. Each package is based upon the information provided to the College by the family and based upon the awards for which the student is eligible.
  • Institutional grants and scholarships may not exceed the cost of tuition unless NCAA regulations permit.
  • Being recommended for an award by a particular program (i.e., athletics) does not guarantee that the grant/scholarship will be awarded in full or in part.
  • During the academic year, your William Jewell College financial aid scholarship/grant may be renamed to recognize the donor who has provided funds to support your education.
  • Should a Federal or State need-based grant increase during the award year, there will be a corresponding decrease in William Jewell College need-based grant funding.
  • Many grants and scholarships require the student to sign and adhere to a contract of commitment to the particular major/program. This contract requires the student to participate in order to receive the grant/scholarship. Students who fail to participate at the expected level may be subject to the loss of that particular award.
  • The award shown as Outside Scholarship UNPAID indicates that proceeds have not yet been received from your scholarship donor. It is your responsibility to ensure that your donor sends your scholarship funds to the attention of the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services.