Financial aid proceeds will be applied against all student charges including tuition, fees, room and board shown on the student account. In addition, financial aid proceeds will be applied to cover allowable charges other than tuition, fees, room and board unless the student (or parent as the borrower of a Federal PLUS Loan) provides the William Jewell College Business Office a statement in writing requesting these other charges not be paid with financial aid proceeds. This written request will take effect on the date that the Business Office receives it and is not retroactive.

Disbursement Methods

Most grant and loan funds are divided equally and disbursed at the beginning of each semester but must cover educational expenses for several months; therefore, it is very important to budget carefully so that your funds will last until the next disbursement.

The expected grant and loan disbursement dates are mid- to late August for the fall term and mid-January for the spring term, usually occurring within 10 days of the start of term. Generally, one-half of the total award amount (minus any applicable origination fees for loans) will be reedited directly to the student account each semester. If a Federal Work Study award has been included as a component of the financial aid award then the student must secure an employment position to earn up to the amount indicated. An award of Federal Work Study does not guarantee 100% earnings as availability of positions and individual student schedules will determine that possibility. Students are encouraged to plan accordingly for living cost needs (transportation, incidentals, etc., and rent, utilities and food if approved to reside off-campus).

Finally, students should be aware that an incomplete financial aid application such as missing documents will prevent the disbursement of financial aid. The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services will notify you regarding necessary documents that are still outstanding. Prompt submission is requested to avoid delays in the disbursement of aid.

Disbursement by Aid Type

Our Elements of Financial Aid page outlines how various elements of your financial aid award will be disbursed, including:

  • Jewell Scholarships and Grants
  • External Grants and Scholarships (including Federal and State Aid)
  • Federal Perkins Loans
  • Federal Nursing Loans
  • Federal Direct Stafford Loans
  • Federal Direct PLUS and Grad PLUS Loans
  • Private Educational Loans

Reminder: Funds received early in a semester or academic year need to last for several months, and students must budget themselves accordingly. Several budget tools are available to assist students in this process.