There are many resources available to educate students on loan repayment. Questions about borrowing and repaying loans can always be directed to; however, this website will provide assistance.

Loan Services
National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) 

  • Find out how much you have borrowed
  • Identify which agency you should call with questions about your loans

Direct Loan Services 

  • Make a payment to your loans
  • Consolidate federal loans

Counseling Services
Federal Student Loans 

  • Loan Entrance Counseling is required before borrowing student loans for the first time.
  • Financial Awareness Counseling

Loan Exit Counseling

  • Graduating, transferring, or leaving Jewell? Loan Exit Counseling is required upon completing your education.
  • Find out your responsibilities in repaying your loans.


Awareness Resources
Student Loan Calculator

  • Get an estimate of what your future monthly payments will be.

Debt/Salary Wizard

  • Find out how much money you need to earn to sustain your monthly payments.

Mapping Your Future

  • Student success
  • Manage your money


Student Loan Forgiveness
Public Service
Borrowers in the Federal Direct Loan program may be eligible for deferred payment provisions for service in the Peace Corps, service under the Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973, or comparable service as a volunteer for a tax-exempt organization of demonstrated effectiveness in the field of community service. Details are available from the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services, 106 Curry Hall, William Jewell College, (816) 415-5972.