Step 1:  Complete a Jewell Student Worker Application. This form is required of all first-year students seeking employment. Upperclassman who have previously completed this form and submitted it to Human Resources will not be required to complete it on an annual basis.

Step 2:  Prepare a Resume. Not all departments will require a resume; however, having one will add that extra touch when you inquire about an open position.

Step 3:  Come to Campus prepared. When you come to campus, bring different forms of identification. Federal and State law require original documentation to be viewed by College personnel before being photocopied. Click here for the acceptable forms of documentation.

Step 4:  Search On-Campus Jobs

You’ve been hired on-campus, now what…

  1. Sign the Work Agreement
  2. Complete Federal W-4 and State W-4 Forms. Submit them to Human Resources in Curry Library

Click Here to view the 2017 Payroll Schedule.

Questions regarding the student work program may be directed to the Office of Human Resources.

Questions regarding Federal Work Study eligibility may be directed to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services.