"I wanted the flexibility to do accounting and also theatre and not feel awkward about doing such a thing."

Allysia Carabello

The Core: Critical Thought and Inquiry

For 160+ years, William Jewell College's primary mission has been "to provide students a liberal arts education of superior quality." Central to achieving this goal is the College's core curriculum in "Critical Thought and Inquiry." The core curriculum, coupled with the three applied learning experiences and a grade of C- in all CTI courses leads to a major in Applied Critical Thought and Inquiry.

The Applied Critical Thought and Inquiry major (ACT-In) requires that students complete the 35-hour core, earning a minimum of C- in all courses, and participate in three applied learning experiences while enrolled at William Jewell, completing them before graduation. Transfer students must complete the three Applied Learning experiences and at least 16 hours of the CTI labeled core curriculum while enrolled at William Jewell.

Critical Thought and Inquiry is divided into three levels, each designed to equip students to be world citizens and leaders for the 21st century:

  • Introductory Level: The introductory level, beginning with the humanities-based course The Responsible Self and courses in communication and mathematics, bridges the crossing from high school to college learning.
  • Second Level: The second level offers an exciting choice of interdisciplinary courses grouped around four topic areas: Culture and Traditions; Science, Technology and the Human Experience; Power and Justice; and Sacred and Secular. In these courses, students learn how building bridges between the academic disciplines is a necessary part of learning in our fast-changing world.
  • Capstone Level: Finally, the capstone course will build bridges between the program's previous levels and the student's study of an academic major by applying questions of responsible, ethical citizenship to critical problems facing our society.

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