The Partee Collection

Missouri Baptists have a valuable resource right in our own back yard. In 1885, the Missouri Baptist Historical Society was formed to begin recording and collecting historical materials dealing with all aspects of Missouri Baptist history. In 1908, the collection moved to a permanent home on the campus of William Jewell College, Liberty, Missouri. In 1981, the Center for Baptist Historical Studies was created to encourage the organization of this material, collection of new documents, and to provide direction to Missouri Baptists in writing and preserving their own history.

In 1985, a William Jewell graduate, William E. Partee, a lawyer and a 1925 graduate of the school, gave the college an endowment to secure the future of the collection and its services. The Center was renamed the Partee Center in honor of his generous donation. Since that time, the Partee Center has expanded the volume of historical materials and services available to anyone interested in researching or learning about Baptist history.

Currently, the Partee Center houses over 10,000 biographical files, over 2,000 church history files, association annual meeting minutes, histories and newsletters, photographs, publications dating back to the 1820’s and a large collection of books.

For additional information, check out the The Partee Collection or send an email to parteecenter AT william.jewell DOT edu.

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