Central Baptist/Word Way Project
The Partee Center for Baptist Historical Studies is seeking $210,000 to create an online index and database of scanned images of the Word & Way and The Central Baptist. The Center currently archives the most complete collection of both these periodicals, spanning the period from the genesis of the papers in the 19th Century to the present day.

This project will be completed through the Historic Missouri Newspaper Project. Our vision is that such an index would be made available to agencies and individuals, and would assist various kinds of historians, genealogists and researchers across the country by providing systematic electronic access to both these papers. Since no such complete index currently exists in any form, we believe that this database would be a significant resource for the writers of regional, state, and Baptist history.

An index for both newspapers would benefit many types of researchers. The papers have proven to be extremely useful to not only those interested in Missouri Baptist history but also genealogists and regional historians. The Partee Center assists over 400 researchers yearly from around the country; however, these historical newspapers are not used to their fullest extent due to the lack of an index. The Central Baptist dates back to 1868 and the Word and Way back to 1896. Many of the issues are becoming brittle and difficult to manage. Placing the papers on the Internet with a searchable database would prevent further wear on the papers.
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