Microfilm Church Records

Your church minutes and membership rolls are vital account of your church’s history. These irreplaceable documents are damaged and lost due to various circumstances. Creating a ‘back-up” copy of these records is one of the most important projects that a church can complete. The Partee Center can help microfilm records.

Steps for having your church records microfilmed.

1. Organize books, folders and other materials in order that it should it be microfilmed.

2. Remove all loose tape, staples from papers.

3. Remove small, loose materials from books. They can not be filmed.

4. Unfold all pages and loose papers.

5. Label every book and folder with a white 3” X 5” note card. Put name of church, location of church, dates material covers and name of book.

Example label:

First Baptist Church
Town, Missouri County
Minutes and Membership Records


Please contact the Partee Center to make arrangements to have your records microfilmed

-Microfilm Church Records

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