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The Partee Center staff is available to assist you with research if you are unable to visit the facility.

Tips for requesting research assistance:

  1. The Partee Center archives materials related to Missouri Baptist persons, institutions, churches, and associations. We have a very limited amount of material on early Baptists in Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. We also have periodicals dating back to the 1820s published from all over the country. The Partee Center houses a number of materials that deal with issues surrounding the Christian faith and Baptist denomination.
  2. Traditionally, Baptist churches have not maintained birth, marriage and death records of its members. There are instances when church minutes include membership rolls that designate when a member joined or died while a member.
  3. Read the guidelines and responsibilities statement. In some instances, it is required that the document may need to be signed and returned to the Partee Center.
  4. Requests may be made via e-mail or calling the Partee Center.
  5. Missouri Baptist People, Churches, Associations and Institutions: There is not a charge for Missouri Baptist churches and institutions requesting information. There is a $.15 photocopy charge per copy.

Genealogy: when requesting information on an individual, please include as much information as possible regarding birth and death dates, period of ministry, and county. For information found in a biographical file or a quick reference book, there is no charge other than the $.15 per photocopy. Any information that requires extensive research there is a $10 an hour charge. Contact Partee Center staff for more information.

-Request for Information

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