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Guide to Kansas City, Kansas Community College Transfer Equivalencies

This list was created for use by students who are now attending KCKCC but who intend to enroll at William Jewell.

Students who are already enrolled at Jewell may be subject to different rules.

 Course Number

(Based on 2009-11 KCKCC catalog)

KCKCC Course Name

 WJC Course Number

ADCN 101 Introduction to Addictions PSY Elective
ADCN 105 Counseling the Alcoholic and Drug Abuser I PSY Elective
ADCN 110 Special Topics in Addiction: Pharma-cology, HIV/Medical High Risk, Ethics PSY Elective
ADCN 206 Counseling the Alcoholic and Drug Abuser II PSY Elective
ADCN 207 Counseling the Alcoholic and Drug Abuser III PSY Elective
ADCN 208 Addiction Counseling with Special Populations PSY Elective
ADCN 210 Group Dynamics and Addictions I PSY Elective
ADCN 220 Client Management Procedures PSY Elective
ADCN 250 Addiction Counseling Field Practicum I PSY Elective
ADCN 251 Addiction Counseling Field Practicum II PSY Elective
ALLIED HEALTH   Only the listed classes are accepted from this category
ALHT 114 Infant and Toddler First Aid and CPR PED Elective
ALHT 115 First Aid PED Elective
ALHT 116 General Pharmacology
NUR 242
ANTH 100
General Anthropology Humanities Elective
ANTH 101 Intro to Cultural Anthropology Humanities Elective
ANTH 102
Intro to Physical Anthropology Science Elective
ANTH 105 Archaeology Humanities Elective
ANTH 106 Native American Indians Humanities Elective
AUDI 106 Music Applications for Computer MUS Elective
AUDI 107 Advanced Music Computing MUS Elective
AUDI 108 Electronic Circuit Fundamentals NC
AUDI 115 Circuit Analysis I NC
AUDI 136 Introduction to the Music Business MUS Elective
AUDI 157 Live Sound Reinforcement I MUS Elective
AUDI 158 Live Sound Reinforcement II MUS Elective
AUDI 201 Songwriting MUS Elective
AUDI 205 Internship in Audio MUS Elective
AUDI 230 Music and Multimedia MUS Elective
AUDI 233 Music Video Projects MUS Elective
AUDI 240 Sound Editing and Synthesis MUS Elective
AUDI 250 Audio & Recording Techniques MUS Elective
AUDI 260 Advanced Recording Techniques I MUS Elective
AUDI 261 Advanced Recording Techniques II MUS Elective
AUDI 262 Recording Practicum and Portfolio MUS Elective
AUDI 263 Recording Practicum and Portfolio MUS Elective
AUDI 264 Automated Mixing MUS Elective
BIOL 104 Introduction to Public Health Elective
BIOL 105 Introduction to Biotechnology Science Elective
BIOL 111 Biofeedback I NC
BIOL 112 Biofeedback II NC
BIOL 116 General Pharmacology NUR 242
BIOL 119 Life & Environment w/ Lab Science Elective
BIOL 120 Medical Terminology NC
BIOL 121 General Biology BIO Elective
BIOL 123 The Living Body BMS Elective
BIOL 125 Human Biology BMS Elective
BIOL 126 Contemporary Issues in Biology BIO Elective
BIOL 131 Environmental Science Science Elective
BIOL 132 Environmental Science Lab Science Elective
BIOL 141 Human Anatomy & Lab BMS 243 & 243L
BIOL 143 Human Anatomy & Physiology PED 249
BIOL 145 Nutrition NUR 311
BIOL 155 Environmental Geology Science Elective
BIOL 156 Environmental Geology w/ Lab Science Elective
BIOL 160 Kinesiology PED 392
BIOL 210 Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Sciences NC
BIOL 225 Diversity of Organisms BIO 134 & 134L
BIOL 231 & 232 Animal Biology & Lab BIO Elective
BIOL 240 General Genetics BIO 234 & 234L
BIOL 261 & 262 Microbiology & Lab BMS 126 & 126L
BIOL 268 Human Sexuality BMS Elective (no lab)
BIOL 271 & 272 Physiology & Lab BMS 250 & 250L
BIOL 285 Introduction to Pathophysiology NUR 301
BIOL 291 Introduction to Bioinformatics BIO Elective
BUSN 100 Introduction to Accounting NC
BUSN 101 Accounting I ACC 111 (partial)
BUSN 102 Accounting II ACC 111 (partial)
BUSN 104 Small Business Management BUS Elective
BUSN 105 Personal Finance BUS Elective
BUSN 108 Human Relations in Business BUS Elective
BUSN 110 Business Mathematics MAT Elective
BUSN 113 Marketing BUS 305
BUSN 126 Office Practicum NC
BUSN 150 Supervision Techniques NC
BUSN 164 Income Tax Procedures NC
BUSN 166 Volunteer Income Tax Preparation NC
BUSN 167 Volunteer Income Tax Prep Internship NC
BUSN 191 Microcomputer Application I-II NC
BUSN 202 Cost Accounting ACC Elective
BUSN 203 Managerial Accounting ACC Elective
BUSN 204 Business Law I BUS 231
BUSN 205 Intermediate Accounting ACC Elective
BUSN 206 Business Law II BUS 232
BUSN 209 Computerized Accounting ACC 266
BUSN 210 Introduction to Business BUS 101
BUSN 211 Business Communications ENG 220
BUSN 213 Introduction to Employment Law BUS Elective
BUSN 214 International Business Cultures BUS Elective
BUSN 240 Financial Accounting I ACC Elective
BUSN 250 Obtaining Employment NC
BUSN 255 Contemporary Business Issues BUS Elective
BUSN 260 Principles of Advertising BUS Elective
BUSN 262 Introduction to Entrepreneurship BUS 362
BUSN 280 Human Resource Management BUS 301
BUSN 281 Directed Independent Study NC
BUSN 285 Occupational Internship I BUS 481
BUSN 286 Principles of Management BUS 202
BUSN 287 Occupational Internship II BUS 481
BUSN 290 Motivational Dynamics NC
BUSN 292 Current Topics in Supervision/Management BUS Elective
BUSN 1151-2253   NC
CHEM 90 Basic Math for Chemistry NC
CHEM 101 Intro to Forensic Science & Lab Science elective
CHEM 109 General Chemistry CHE 113 & 113L
CHEM 111 College Chemistry I & Lab CHE 121 & 121L
CHEM 112 College Chemistry II & Lab CHE 122 & 122L
CHEM 201 Forensic Science Analytical Techniques CHE elective
CHEM 202 Forensic Science Internship NC
CHEM 203 General Organic Chemistry CHE elective
CHEM 211 Organic Chemistry I CHE 301
CHEM 212 Organic Chemistry II CHE 302
CHEM 213 Organic Chemistry I Lab CHE 301L
CHEM 214 Organic Chemistry II Lab CHE 302L
CHEM 250 Biochemistry CHE elective
CHEM 251 Biochemistry Lab CHE elective
COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS   Only the listed courses are accepted from this category
CIST 150 Web Graphics and Multimedia ART 210
CIST 152 JavaScript Elective
CIST 180 Visual Basic MAT 190
CIST 182 Desktop Publishing ART 210
CIST 190 Web Page Design ART Elective
CIST 224 Advanced Desktop Publishing ART Elective
CIST 227 Advanced Visual Basic Elective
CIST 230 Advanced Web Page Design ART Elective
CIST 240 C++ Programming MAT 190
CIST 242 JavaScript II Elective
CIST 256 Java MAT 190
CIST 262 C++ Programming Language II Elective
CIST 280 Advanced Java Programming Elective
CRIMINAL JUSTICE   Only the listed class is accepted from this category
CRJS 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice Social Science Elective
DIGI 115 Beginning Photoshop ART Elective
DIGI 116 Intermediate Photoshop ART Elective
DIGI 117 Advanced Photoshop ART Elective
DIGI 131 Two Dimensional Design I ART 203
DIGI 137 3D Graphics Modeling & Design ART Elective
DIGI 174 Beginning Illustrator ART Elective
DIGI 175 Advanced Illustrator ART Elective
DIGI 176 Graphic Design: Multi-Media & Web I ART 210
DIGI 177 Graphic Design: Multi-Media & Web II ART Elective
DIGI 178 Graphic Design: Print Media I ART Elective
DIGI 179 Graphic Design: Print Media II ART Elective
DIGI 180 Publication Design ART Elective
DIGI 191 Internship: Digital Graphics NC w/o additional information
DIGI 192 Career Preparation: Digital Graphical Design ART 498
CHLD 100 Fundamentals of Early Care Education NC
CHLD 101 Early Childhood Substitute Teacher Training NC
CHLD 110 Infants and Toddlers I NC
CHLD 111 Infants and Toddlers II NC
CHLD 112 Preschoolers I NC
CHLD 113 Preschoolers II NC
CHLD 114 Infant and Toddler First Aid and CPR PED Elective
CHLD 115 Family Child Care I NC
CHLD 116 Family Child Care II NC
CHLD 123 Care of Children with Disabilities NC
CHLD 125 School-Age Care I NC
CHLD 140 Observing Children's Behavior NC
CHLD 142 Child Nutrition EDU Elective
CHLD 143 Creative Experience I NC
CHLD 144 Creative Experience II EDU Elective
CHLD 146 Child Care Administration NC
CHLD 150 Multicultural Education of Children: Teaching Children from Around the World EDU Elective (but will not meet state's requirement)
CHLD 165 Parenting and Parent Involvement in Child Care Education EDU Elective
CHLD 215 Science in Early Childhood Settings EDU Elective
CHLD 220 Wellness, Health, and Safety for the Young Child EDU Elective
CHLD 225 Assessment & Interventions for Children with Special Needs EDU Elective
CHLD 231 Home Child Care Business Development NC
CHLD 240 Curriculum Planning for Young Children EDU Elective
CHLD 242 Developing Language and Literacy in Early Childhood EDU Elective
CHLD 244 Child Care Internship I EDU Elective
CHLD 245 Child Care Internship II EDU Elective
ECON 201 Principles of Macroeconomics ECO 202
ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics ECO 101
ECON 203 Introduction to Labor Studies ECO Elective
ECON 210 Principles of Community Economic Development ECO Elective
ECON 250 Introduction to the Political Economy of Globalization ECO Elective
EDUC 160 Introduction to Teaching: Career Awareness Elective
EDUC 161 Studying Children & Adolescents in the School Elective
EDUC 262 Education in a Multicultural Society EDU Elective (counts toward MO certification)
  No courses are currently accepted under this heading
  No courses are currently accepted under this heading
ENGL 099 Pre-Composition NC
ENGL 101 Composition I CTI 102
ENGL 102 Composition II Elective
ENGL 104 Introduction to Literature ENG Elective
ENGL 105 Early World Literature ENG Elective
ENGL 106 Modern World Literature ENG Elective
ENGL 107 Children's Literature ENG Elective
ENGL 108 Introduction to Poetry ENG Elective
ENGL 109 Introduction to Fiction ENG Elective
ENGL 131 The Movies Humanities Elective
ENGL 132 Science Fiction ENG Elective
ENGL 133 Women in Literature ENG Elective
ENGL 135 Mythology Humanities Elective
ENGL 136 Short Story ENG Elective
ENGL 137 The Bible as Literature: Old Testament Humanities Elective
ENGL 140 Detective Fiction ENG Elective
ENGL 204 Creative Writing ENG  316 or 317
ENGL 206 Technical Writing ENG 220
ENGL 210 Early American Literature ENG 245
ENGL 211 Modern American Literature ENG 245
ENGL 212 Drama as Literature: Early to Modern ENG 225
ENGL 214 Afro-American Literature ENG 225
ENGL 217 Early English Literature ENG 245
ENGL 218 Modern English Literature ENG 245
ENGL 220 American Indian Literature ENG 225
ENGL 221 Latino Literature & Cultures ENG 225
  No courses are currently accepted under this heading
EXSC 101 Aerobics (Group Fitness) PED 101
EXSC 101 Aerobics (Aqua) PED 130
EXSC 108 Bowling PED 107
EXSC 114 Infant/Toddler First Aid & CPR PED Elective
EXSC 115 First Aid PED Elective
EXSC 116 Current Topics & Issues in Exercise Science PED Elective
EXSC 120 Golf PED 110
EXSC 128 Running Awareness PED 136
EXSC 129 Running Awareness PED 999R*
EXSC 130 Running Awareness PED 999R*
EXSC 131 Running Awareness PED 999R*
EXSC 132 Beginning Swimming PED 126
EXSC 133 Intermediate Swimming PED 999R*
EXSC 134 Advanced Swimming and Lifesaving PED 999R*
EXSC 135 Tennis I PED 128
EXSC 139 Walking for Fitness PED 138
EXSC 143 Weight Training-Physical Conditioning PED 133
EXSC 147 Employee Wellness NC
EXSC 148 Wellness and Fitness Center NC
EXSC 149 Wellness and Fitness Center NC
EXSC 150 Wellness and Fitness Center NC
EXSC 151 Wellness and Fitness Center NC
EXSC 152 Wellness and Fitness Center NC
EXSC 153 Wellness and Fitness Center NC
EXSC 154 Wellness and Fitness Center NC
EXSC 155 Wellness and Fitness Center NC
EXSC 160 Kinesiology PED 392
EXSC 171 Introduction to Leisure Studies PED Elective
EXSC 175 Fieldwork I NC
EXSC 180 Techniques of Baseball PED 397
EXSC 181 Techniques of Basketball PED 396
EXSC 182 Techniques of Soccer PED Elective
EXSC 183 Techniques of Soccer (Tactics) NC
EXSC 184 Techniques of Soccer (Fitness) NC
EXSC 186 Techniques in Strength Training PED 133
EXSC 187 Techniques in Strength Training (Athletes) PED 999R*
EXSC 188 Techniques in Strength Training PED 999R*
EXSC 189 Techniques in Strength Training PED 999R*
EXSC 190 Camping and Outdoor Education PED Elective
EXSC 200 Group Exercise Teaching Methods PED Elective
EXSC 201 Introduction to Exercise Science PED Elective
EXSC 203 Fundamentals of Coaching PED Elective
EXSC 205 Personal School Community Health PED 250
EXSC 206 Lifetime Fitness PED Activity
EXSC 209 Physical Education for the Elementary Teacher Part of EDU 204
EXSC 210 Sports Officiating PED 225
EXSC 211 Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries PED 261
EXSC 212 Exercise Physiology PED 300
EXSC 213 Exercise Testing & Prescription NC
EXSC 250 Practicum in Athletic Training I NC
EXSC 251 Practicum in Wellness & Fitness NC
EXSC 270 Adaptive Physical Education PED 420
EXSC 290 Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation NC
EXSC 291 Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation NC
    *  PED 999R - Credit will be accepted for a second class in the same activity, but it can not be used toward graduation.
FNAR 101 Art Appreciation ART Elective
FNAR 102 Art History I ART 250
FNAR 103 Art History II ART 251
FNAR 111 Drawing I ART 125
FNAR 112 Drawing II ART Elective
FNAR 113 Drawing III ART Elective
FNAR 121 Painting I ART 225
FNAR 122 Painting II ART Elective
FNAR 123 Painting III ART 325
FNAR 132 Two-dimensional Design II ART Elective
FNAR 140 Introduction to Photography ART 230
FNAR 151 Sculpture I ART 303
FNAR 152 Sculpture II ART Elective
FNAR 153 Sculpture III ART Elective
FNAR 161 Ceramics I ART 105
FNAR 162 Ceramics II ART 205
FNAR 163 Ceramics III ART Elective
  No courses are currently accepted under this heading
GEOG 101 Intro to Cultural Geography GEO Elective
GEOG 102 Intro to Physical Geography GEO Elective
  No courses are currently accepted under this heading
HIST 103 Modern Asia HIS 202
HIST 104 United States to 1877 HIS 121
HIST 105 United States sine 1877 HIS 122
HIST 106 Black History HIS 204
HIST 107 Modern Europe HIS 318
HIST 108 Religion in America HIS 204
HIST 109 The Bible as History Elective
HIST 112 Modern Latin America HIS 202
HIST 115 World Civilization I HIS 103
HIST 116 World Civilization II HIS 104
HIST 117 Readings in Western Civilization I HIS Elective
HIST 118 Reading in Western Civilization II HIS Elective
HIST 120 History & Culture of Wyandotte Co HIS Elective
HIST 122 History of Kansas HIS Elective
HIST 204 Western Civilization I HIS 202
HIST 205 Western Civilization Ii HIS 202
HIST 211 Contemporary Issues Elective
HONR 101 Honors Tutorial I COL 95
HONR 102 Honors Tutorial II COL 95
HONR 201 Honors Tutorial III - Service Learning and Capstone Elective
HONR 202 Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Development Studies LSP 999
HUDV 100 Strategies of Academic Excellence/ Lifelong Learning COL 95
HUDV 101 Strategies of Academic Excellence/ Lifelong Learning COL 95
HUDV 180 New Horizons for Women NC
HUDV 263 Basic Sign Language NC
HUDV 264 Basic Sign Language II NC
HUDV 268 Human Sexuality BMS Elective (no lab)
HUMN 101 Arts and Culture of the Early World Humanities Elective
HUMN 102 Arts and Culture of the Modern World Humanities Elective
HUMN 150 Intro to Women's Studies Social Science Elective
HUMN 151 Men & Masculinities Humanities Elective
HUMN 152 Women in Religion Humanities Elective
INBU 201 Introduction to International Business NC
INBU 206 International Marketing BUS Elective
JOUR 174 Principles of Photo & Photojournalism ART Elective
JOUR 175 Introduction to Mass Communications Elective
JOUR 176 Reporting I COM 333
JOUR 178 Principles of Mass Media Advertising Elective
JOUR 179 Survey of Television and Television Production Elective
JOUR 180 Modern Newspaper Design ART elective
JOUR 277 Production Processes I Elective
JOUR 278 Production Processes II Elective
  No courses are currently accepted under this heading
LANG 101 French I FRE 111
LANG 102 French III FRE 112
LANG 121 German I GER 111
LANG 122 German II GER 112
LANG 139 Conversational Spanish SPA Elective
LANG 141 Spanish I SPA 111
LANG 142 Spanish II SPA 112
LANG 150 Command Spanish for Nurses SPA Elective
LANG 151 Spanish for School Administrators, Teachers, Paraprofessionals, & Staff SPA Elective
LANG 152 Spanish for Child Care Facility Personnel SPA Elective
LANG 153 Spanish for Law Enforcement SPA Elective
LANG 160 Conversational Arabic ARA Elective
LANG 161 Arabic I ARA 111
LANG 162 Arabic II ARA 112
LANG 203 French III FRE 211
LANG 204 French IV FRE 212
LANG 223 German III GER 211
LANG 224 German IV GER 212
LANG 243 Spanish III SPA 211
LANG 244 Spanish IV SPA 212
MATH 97 Math Essentials NC
MATH 99 Elementary Algebra NC
MATH 104 Intermediate Algebra MAT 099
MATH 105 College Algebra CTI 103
MATH 107 Graphing Calculator I NC
MATH 108 Pre-Calculus Mathematics CTI 103
MATH 112 Trigonometry MAT Elective
MATH 115 Statistics MAT Elective
MATH 120 Calculus I CTI 104
MATH 121 Calculus II MAT 200 
MATH 122 Calculus and Analytical Geometry I CTI 104
MATH 123 Calculus and Analytical Geometry II MAT 200
MATH 208 History of Mathematics MAT Elective
MATH 224 Calculus and Analytical Geometry III MAT 201
MATH 227 Differential Equations MAT 202
  No courses are currently accepted under this heading
MUSC 101 Music Appreciation MUS Elective
MUSC 102 Music Literature I MUS 240
MUSC 110 Music Fundamentals MUS 101
MUSC 111 Music Theory I MUS 120 (partial)
MUSC 112 Music Theory II MUS 120 (partial)
MUSC 113-118 Instrumental Ensemble MUS Ensemble
MUSC 119-124 Concert Band MUS 382
MUSC 125-128 Jazz Band MUS 383
MUSC 131-135 String Orchestra MUS 384
MUSC 137 Jazz Improvisation MUS 383
MUSC 139-144 Choir MUS 380
MUSC 145-150 Vocal Ensemble MUS Ensemble
MUSC 151-154 Piano Class MUS 111 PN
MUSC 155-156 Voice Class MUS 111 VO
MUSC 169-174 Applied Voice MUS 211 VO
MUSC 175-180 Applied Piano MUS 211 PN
MUSC 181-184 Applied Strings MUS 211
MUSC 185-190 Applied Woodwinds MUS 211
MUSC 191-194 Applied Brass MUS 211
MUSC 195 Applied Percussion MUS 211 PC
MUSC 205 Internship in Audio MUS Elective
MUSC 206 Music Composition MUS 402
MUSC 207-209 Music Composition MUS 211 CO
MUSC 213 Music Theory III MUS 130 (partial)
MUSC 214 Music Theory IV MUS 130 (partial)
MUSC 220-225 Chamber Ensemble MUS 285
MUSC 233 Music Video Projects MUS Elective
  Only one course under this heading is currently accepted.
 NURS 135
 Pathophysiology for Nurses
 NUR 301
  No courses are currently accepted under this heading
  No courses are currently accepted under this heading
PHIL 103 Introduction to Philosophy PHI 201
PHIL 105 Logic PHI 231
PHIL 107 Business Ethics PHI Elective (not toward major)
PHIL 200 Philosophy of Religion PHI 361
PHIL 206 Ethics PHI Elective (not toward major)
PHIL 207 Philosophical Foundations in Health Care Ethics PHI 362
NASC 101 Introduction to Physical Science NC
NASC 103 General Physical Science Science Elective with lab
NASC 107 Introduction to Astronomy Science Elective
NASC 108 Introduction to Astronomy Lab Science Elective
NASC 130 Introductory Physics Science Elective
NASC 131 Introductory Physics Lab Science Elective
NASC 175 Introductory to Meteorology Science Elective with lab
NASC 185 Physical Geology Science Elective with lab
NASC 231 General Physics I PHY 111 and 111L
NASC 232 General Physics II PHY 112 and 112L
NASC 245 Engineering Physics I PHY 213 and 213L
NASC 246 Engineering Physics II PHY 214 and 214L
NASC 248 Statics PHY 332
NASC 249 Dynamics PHY Elective
  No courses are currently accepted under this heading
POSC 101 Introduction to Political Science POL Elective
POSC 102 International Relations/Foreign Policy POL Elective
POSC 111 American Government POL 150
POSC 112 State and Local Government POL Elective
POSC 201 Political Science Internship POL Elective (but P/F and maximum of 2 hours)
POSC 245 Introduction to Public Administration POL Elective
PSYC 101 Psychology PSY 211
PSYC 112 Psychology of Personal Adjustment PSY 214
PSYC 115 The Grieving Process PSY Elective
PSYC 202 Child Development PSY 305
PSYC 203 Human Development PSY 307
PSYC 204 Personality PSY 317
PSYC 214 Social Psychology PSY 304
PSYC 280 Biofeedback and Management Skills PSY Elective
PSYC 295 Special Problems in Psychology PSY Elective
PSYC 296 Special Problems in Child Development PSY Elective
READ 81 Introduction to College Reading Skills NC
READ 92 College Reading Strategies NC
  No courses are currently accepted under this heading
SOSC 103 Introduction to Social Science Social Science elective
SOSC 107 Sociology Social Science elective
SOSC 108 Sociology of the Family Social Science elective
SOSC 109 Diversity Studies Social Science elective
SOSC 134 Criminology Social Science elective
SOSC 207 Urban Sociology Social Science elective
SOSC 209 Social Problems Social Science elective
SOSC 210 Introduction to Social Work Social Science elective
SOSC 211 Field Project in Social Work NC
SOSC 212 Introduction to Social Welfare Social Science elective
SOSC 215 Introduction to Human Service Social Science elective
SOSC 216 Field Project in Human Service NC
SOSC 250 Introduction to the Political Economy of Globalization Social Science elective
SOSC 285 Directed Independent Study (Advanced Sociology) Social Science elective
SPED 221 Behavior and Classroom Management for Paraeducators Elective
SPED 251 Inclusive Education for Paraprofessionals Elective
SPCH 151 Public Speaking COM 100
SPCH 153 Interpersonal Communication COM 209
SPCH 160 Debate COM 392
SPCH 161 Discussion and Debate Elective
SPCH 162 Advanced Debate Elective
SPCH 163 Advanced Discussion and Debate Elective
SPCH 222 Voice and Diction Elective
SPCH 283 Oral Interpretation of Literature COM Elective
THTR 101 Theatre Appreciation Humanities Elective 
THTR 105  Introduction to Acting Elective
THTR 110 Improvisation Elective
THTR 112 Dance History Humanities Elective 
THTR 115 Acting I THE Elective
THTR 120 Vocal Production for the Stage THE 221 (partial)
THTR 125 Introduction to Tap Dance PED Activity
THTR 126 Tap Dance II PED 999R
THTR 130 Stage Movement I  THE 221 (partial)
THTR 131 Stage Movement II THE Elective
THTR 133 Introduction to Ballroom Dance PED 116
THTR 140 Ballet PED Activity
THTR 145 Jazz Dance PED Activity
THTR 148 Modern Dance I PED Activity
THTR 150 Stagecraft THE 210
THTR 151 Technical Theatre Practicum THE 211-216 (Consult with Director of Theatre)
THTR 155 Dance Practicum NC
THTR 160 Stage Lighting I THE Elective
THTR 170 Stage Make-up THE 313 (partial)
THTR 175 Acting Practicum THE Elective
THTR 185 Stage Management THE Elective
THTR 210 Improvisation THE Elective
THTR 215 Acting II (Play Production) THE Elective
THTR 216 Acting III THE Elective
THTR 220 Costume Production THE 313 (partial)
THTR 222 Voice and Diction THE Elective
THTR 255 Stagecraft II THE Elective
THTR 260 Stage Lighting II THE Elective
THTR 265 Scene Painting THE Elective
VTSP 101 Victimology Social Science elective
VTSP 102 Victim/Survivor Services Social Science elective
VTSP 103 Family Violence Social Science elective
VTSP 104 Rape and Child Abuse Social Science elective
VTSP 201 Legal Policy in Victim Services Social Science elective
VTSP 202 Diversity Issues in Victim Services Social Science elective
VTSP 203 Crisis Counseling Social Science elective
VTSP 250 Victimology Practicum NC
WMSD 101 Introduction to Women's Studies Social Science Elective
WMSD 102 Men & Masculinities Humanities Elective
WMSD 103 Women in Religion Humanities Elective
WMSD 200
Foundations of Film and Theatre
Humanities Elective
WMSD 207 Comparative World Religions REL Elective

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