William Jewell Department of Biology  

Dr. Paul Klawinski, professor of biology and department chair
Students are involved in the first four of his five primary research areas:

        • Examining the effects of hurricanes on arthropods, amphibians and reptiles using long-term monitoring and a large-scale, experimental simulation of hurricane damage in 30x30 meter plots in the Luquillo Experimental Forest.
        • Effects of introduced plant species on arthropods and their associated introduced predators (coqui frogs) in lowland moist tropical forests in Hawaii.
        • Studies of the resistance and resilience of communities after land use changes by including former pastures as study sites in the annual Puerto Rico Spider Survey.
        • Examining the role of biodiversity in providing ecosystem services by experimentally manipulating the decomposer community and measuring the effect of different functional groups on decomposition.
        • Examining the biogeography of the Greater and Lesser Antilles using the extant distribution of spiders on these islands. 
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