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Projects for Justice and Sustainability

Projects for Justice and Sustainability is an annual competition sponsored by CJS for student-developed and student-executed projects. The grant program allows students an opportunity to develop, formally propose, receive funding for, and conduct research/action projects related to issues of justice and/or sustainability. This year, the grant competition was held in conjuction with the Summit with the following theme:

“Evidence has mounted that helping women can be a successful poverty-fighting strategy anywhere in the world, …” Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, Half the Sky:  Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide (Vintage, 2009). 

Proposals were invited for projects of social entrepreneurship that address an issue related to women in current society (i.e. human trafficking, prostitution, inadequate education, gender based violence, inadequate healthcare, and economic poverty). Preference will be given to proposals that are focused on the Kansas City metropolitan area and to proposal groups that consist of mixed gender.

Two grants were awarded:

Project #1

A 2011 Projects for Justice and Sustainability award is given to Cassidy Miller and Paige Vansickle to plan and conduct a social/benefit event to raise awareness and support for women’s organizations in the greater Kansas City area.  The event, planned for the fall 2011, is related to the Center for Justice and Sustainability’s 2011 Summit, “Women Hold Up Half the Sky.”  Selected women’s organizations will be invited to present their missions, work, and needs.  Invited guests from the College and the Kansas City metropolitan area will have the opportunity to learn about the work of these women’s organizations, sign-up to volunteer, or address specific needs of the organizations.  The event is also an opportunity to connect with other individuals in the community who are active on behalf of social issues.

Project #2

A 2011 Projects for Justice and Sustainability award is given to the 2011 Pryor Legacy Class to support their project of developing a local chapter of the Raising a Reader program for Kansas City.  Raising a Reader is a national program that emphasizes and provides resources to facilitate early literacy and parent engagement in order to improve the reading readiness skills of children in the early stages of development.  Raising a Reader provides children and families with high-quality, age appropriate multicultural books as well as instructional DVDs for parents to read to and with their children.  The program also encourages children to check out books from a local library.  The grant will be used in Phase One of the project.  Specifically, in May, 2011, the Pryor Legacy Class will sponsor a convene.  The convene is an informational event for 100 – 200 parents and community members to learn about the Raising a Reader program.  Also at the convene, the committed sponsor and program coordinator are introduced.  The grant will also be used to provide training for the project coordinator.

Guidelines for Projects for Justice and Sustainability

Who is eligible?
Any group of WJC students in good standing and not in their last year of attendance is eligible to apply.

Application Process & Timeline

  • Submit Letter of Intent to Apply by 5pm, Friday, February 4, 2011.
    • Letter of Intent to Apply should be approximately 500 words, and include the following information: who is seeking to apply, brief project description, primary goals/outcomes, and how success will be measured/assessed.
    • Letter of Intent to Apply should be submitted electronically to cjs AT william.jewell DOT edu. Any questions about the grants can also be emailed to this address.
    • Preference will be given to proposals that are focused on the Kansas City metropolitan area and to proposal groups that consist of mixed gender.
  • Letters of Intent to Apply will be reviewed and groups invited to submit full proposals will be notified by Wednesday, February 9, 2011.
  • Full proposals are due by Monday, February 20, 2011. Click here to see the full Project Application that groups will be invited to submit.
  • Each group submitting a proposal will make a presentation at the Summit.
  • Final decisions for grants will be made at the Summit on February 26, 2011.

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