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Lights – turn off the light if you are leaving any room for more than a few minutes, including offices and common areas.

Computers – turn off computers and monitors at the end of the day.

Café/Cage – enjoy your meal with others in the cafeteria or the Cage instead of getting your food to go in a disposable container. Don't get more than you will eat. If you need to go back for more, you can, but once it's on your plate it is wasted if you don't eat it.

Printing – avoid printing papers and e-mails as much as possible. E-mail drafts to others for proofreading and see if you can turn in your assignments electronically. When you do need to print, print on both sides.

Books – check to see if you can find a book at the Library before you order it online. Reserving it from another library in KC is just as fast as waiting for shipping!


Bags – take tote bags with you when you shop.

The Perch – use your own coffee mug or travel mug instead of using disposable cups.

Cafeteria - new in 2011, try the new Reusable To Go containers.

Water – carry a reusable bottle with you instead of grabbing a bottled water.

Paper – save paper and use the blank side for scratch paper before you recycle it.

Boxes – break down large cardboard boxes and save them for the end of the semester when you leave the dorm.


Paper – deposit the following paper products in the blue “Paper” receptacles located throughout the campus: copy paper, envelopes, magazines, newspaper, shredded paper (un-bagged).

Aluminum – deposit empty aluminum cans in the blue “Aluminum/Plastic” receptacles located throughout the campus.

Plastic – deposit empty plastic bottles in the blue “Aluminum/Plastic” receptacles located throughout the campus.

Cardboard – break down and deposit the cardboard products into the “Cardboard” receptacles located throughout the campus. Please be a good neighbor and break it down with the attached box cutter.

Organic Waste – when in the Cafeteria please place organic waste in the blue "Compost" waste cans. This will be diverted from the landfill, composted, and returned to campus for use in our landscaping and community garden. Click here to find out more about the organic recycling program.





Help us continue our partnership in other villages in Honduras by donating funds for a reliable used vehicle for our Honduras project director, Engineer Sarahi Zeron.
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