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Internship Performance Appraisal Form
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The evaluation must be completed midway through the term of the internship and again at the end of the term. The same form should be used for both evaluations. These evaluations must be kept by the supervisor and not given to the student. The supervisor is encouraged to review orally the evaluation with the student.

*First Name
*Last Name
 Intern Information
Judge the intern on the basis of the work now being done. Please be sure that each characteristic is considered separately. Select the statement or statements which best describe the individual.
*Intern's Full Name
*Date of Internship
Name of Supervisor
Knowledge of Job Consider the knowledge essential to the intern’s job.
  Has an exceptionally thorough knowledge of work
  Has a good knowledge of work
  Requires some instruction
  Has inadequate knowledge of work even after instruction
Quality of Work Consider the ability to turn out work which meets quality standards.
  Highest quality
  Well done
Quantity of Work Consider the volume of work produced under normal conditions.
  Large volume
  Good volume
  Slightly below average volume
  Unsatisfactory volume
Attendance & Punctuality Consider frequency of absences as well as tardiness.
  Record is excellent
  Occasionally absent or late
  Frequently absent of late
  Undependable; absent or late without notice
Attitude Consider the individual’s attitude towards the work, the company, the associates, and the individual’s willingness to work with and for others.
  Unusually fine attitude
  Good attitude
  Passable attitude
  Poor attitude
Relations with Others Consider the intern’s effect on other people as a result of disposition, tact, enthusiasm, cooperation, etc.
  Exceptional; goes out of the way to be helpful and is a splendid influence.
  Good; is well-liked and accepted
  Marginal: occasionally a source of concern
  Unsatisfactory; indifferent, antagonistic
Job Performance Which statement best indicates how satisfied you are with the Present Job Performance of this intern?
  Very satisfied with intern
  Generally satisfied with intern
  Somewhat disappointed with intern
  Quite disappointed with intern
Intern Comparison How would you grade this intern in comparison with other employees you have observed with about the same length of service?
  Above Average
  Below Average
  Have not observed any other interns
Recommendation If at the time of selection you knew everything pertaining to the ability of this intern that you now know, what would have been your recommendation for employment in a similar work setting?
  Excellent recommendation
  High average recommendation
  Average recommendation
  Low average recommendation
  Not recommended
Other Comments Additional points not covered previously.
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