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Communication and Theatre Internships

The rapidly changing world and competitive job market require students to develop an aptitude for complex communication and expert thinking.

Communication Internships help students make the transition from formal academic study to actual on-the-job situations. Students’ career goals are matched with appropriate sponsoring organizations to provide increased learning opportunities. Internships help students discover what they are good at and what they like. They help students make choices and build relationships with people in the professional world. Internships make connections between what students learn in class and what they experience at work and in professional life. For this reason, the Department of Communication and Theatre encourages all students to engage in internships that complement their course of study.

Academic internships are “win-win” situations – host organizations and students both benefit from participating in an internship program. Students benefit by being able to include the internship experience in their credentials. Host organizations are able to utilize the students’ talents in daily work situations that will contribute to the students’ academic and career objectives and benefit the organization.

Internships provide vital work experience in exciting job settings. Jewell interns have an outstanding reputation and are highly sought by a wide variety of organizations in Kansas City and throughout the country.

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