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Disability Policies and Guidelines: Required Documentation for Services

Documentation Criteria for Medical/Physical Disabilities

The Office of Disability Services will accept current diagnoses of medical/physical disabilities that are based on appropriate diagnostic evaluations administered by trained and qualified (i.e., certified and/or licensed) professionals (e.g., medical doctors, ophthalmologists, psychologists, neuropsychologists).

Diagnostic Report
A comprehensive report should contain the following information:

  1. Diagnosis
  2. Date of initial identification
  3. Date of current evaluation
  4. Current treatment and restrictions with expected duration of each
  5. Prognosis or expected future status
  6. Impairments resulting from the diagnosis
  7. Functional limitations, especially for school related functions
  8. Recommendations for accommodations, including rationale
  9. If medication is prescribed:
    • Impact on school functioning, including attendance
    • Expected duration of prescriptions
    • Known side effects related to school functioning, if any

General comments from the evaluator are welcomed and appreciated.


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