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First-Year Experience: Computer Network Requirements

Welcome to the WJC Network. By enrolling at William Jewell College, you are just a login away from personal e-mail, Internet and intranet access, file and print sharing, and all the possibilities of using technology to make your educational experience productive and satisfying.

There are many options for connecting a computer to the WJC Network. Along with wired connections in many of the normal locations, there are an increasing number of wireless spots available to make computing go where you go.

William Jewell College encourages individual students to bring personal computers to campus to realize the many benefits of connecting to the WJC Network. Some considerations when purchasing and configuring your personal computer:

1. Windows machines should have Windows XP (Professional or Home) edition or Windows Vista (Business or Home) edition.
2. Macintoshes should have OS X or later.
3. You will need to have either a wired, or wireless (802.11b/g) network interface card installed prior to your arrival on campus.
4. All personal computers are required to have anti-virus software protection. The college will provide anti-virus software for free once students arrive on campus.
5. All personal computers are required to have anti-spyware software. Anti-spyware software is currently available for download on the Internet.

The Office of Information Services will be happy to answer questions or fax information to you about what you need to connect your personal computer to the William Jewell College Network. You may call Lan Guo at (816) 415-5032.


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