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Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance (COA) of William Jewell College is a federally regulated calculation that includes expenses payable to the college and expenses one might have in an educational program. The direct cost of attending Jewell includes tuition, fees, room and meals. These charges are payable to the College each semester. The indirect costs, or educational expenses that one might have while attending college, include books and supplies, transportation between campus and home, and personal expenses while you are a student. These items will not appear on a billing statement, but are expenses one must consider during the course of an academic year. The sum of charges payable to the College and estimated educational expenses is the total COA.

2014-2015 Undergraduate COA - $44,830

  • Tuition - $31,420
  • Fees - $200
  • Room - $4,680
  • Meals - $3,730
  • Books (Supplies) - $1,200
  • Transportation - $1,620
  • Personal - $1,980

These figures are standard for all, full-time undergraduates residing on campus for the entire 2014-2015 academic year. For semester amounts, divide totals above by two (2) or review the scheduled list of charges. Commuters and independent students' (as defined by the U.S. Department of Education) estimated educational expenses are calculated differently; however, as William Jewell requires on-campus residency, only those COAs are displayed here for undergraduate students. International student cost of attendance is also calculated according to individual requirements.


Tuition and Fees for the Accelecerated Nursing Program

The BSN-AT Program charges students one flat rate for tuition and fees during the program academic year. The rate billed is dependent on the term the student enters William Jewell College and the duration of the program the student is admitted.

January 2014 Cohort (4 terms, 16-Month Program) - $36,070

January (Spring) $9,018
May (Summer) $9,018
August (Fall) $9,018
January (Spring) $9,018

May 2014 Cohort (3 terms, 12-Month Program) - $36,070

May (Summer) $12,023
August (Fall) $12,023
January (Spring) $12,023

January 2015 Cohort (4 terms, 16-Month Program) - $36,790

January (Spring) $9,198
May (Summer) $9,198
August (Fall) $9,198
January (Spring) $9,198

May 2015 Cohort (3 terms, 12-Month Program) - $36,790

May (Summer) $12,263
August (Fall) $12,263
January (Spring) $12,263


Students will be billed prior to the start of each semester.

The total cost of attending Jewell's BSN-AT program includes the tuition (listed above) plus books and supplies, living expenses, and maintenance expenses for the duration of the program. Only tuition is billed directly by the College. These estimated annual expenses are not payable to the College and may vary based on your personal circumstances.

  • Books & Supplies: $600 per semester; $1,100 the first semester of study due to additional supplies (uniform, stethoscope, etc.)
  • Room (Rent):  $500 per month for each month of academic attendance 
  • Board (Meals):  $360 per month 
  • Personal:  $220 per month 
  • Transportation:  $240 per month


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