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Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress

Standards of satisfactory academic progress must be maintained to remain eligible for financial assistance. There are two requirements for SAP: hour completion requirement and grade point average requirement

Hour Completion Requirement for Financial Aid Eligibility

  • Students are encouraged to plan their course load in order to complete approximately one-fourth of the graduation requirements each academic year. A student enrolled as full-time (12 credit hours or more per semester) must complete a minimum of 24 credit hours per year or 67% of attempted coursework per year; three-quarter time students (9-11 credit hours) must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours per year or 67% of attempted coursework per year; half-time students (6-8 credit hours) must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours per year or 67% of attempted coursework per year.
  • Federal regulation requires that the maximum timeframe to complete an educational objective cannot take longer than 150 percent of the published length of the educational program for a full-time student. A program consisting of 124 credit hours, therefore, must be completed within 186 credit hours for financial aid eligibility. The pace of progression is measured at each evaluation to ensure that the student completes degree requirements within the maximum timeframe. The pace is calculated by dividing cumulative hours successfully completed by cumulative hours attempted.
  • The following table indicates the minimum number of credit hours required at the end of each academic year for financial aid eligibility for full-time students (excluding transfer credits at time of entry to the College).
    • After first academic year (two semesters) - 24 minimum hours or 67% of attempted coursework
    • After second academic year (four semesters) - 48 minimum hours or 67% of attempted coursework
    • After third academic year (six semesters) - 72 minimum hours or 67% of attempted coursework
    • After fourth academic year (eight semesters) - 96 minimum hours or 67% of attempted coursework
  • Three-quarter and half-time student credit hour requirements are adjusted proportionately.
Grade Point Average Requirement

All students must maintain a minimum institutional cumulative GPA for financial aid eligibility as follows:

  • After first academic year (two semesters) - 1.500 GPA
  • After second academic year (four semesters) and beyond - 2.00 GPA

Federal law specifies that by the end of the second academic year (regardless of how many credits the student has accrued), the student must have an academic standing consistent with the requirement for graduation (i.e. minimum institutional GPA of 2.0).

Letter Grades and Financial Aid Eligibility

The following letter grades will count for determining eligibility for financial aid: F - Failure; PR - Progress; W - Withdrew from the Course; WD - Withdrew from the College; FA - Failed Pass/Fail; NR - Not Reported. The letter grade AU - Audit will not count. Hours for repeated courses (R - Repeat) will count toward the full-time student status in determining financial aid eligibility as follows: (1) a previously passed course may be repeated once; (2) a failed course may be repeated until it is passed. For part-time enrollment, a repeated course will not be counted in the total number of hours in assessing the enrollment status.

Academic Status and Financial Aid

Students applying for admission to the College who are on academic probation or have been academically dismissed from another college or university are subject to a thorough review by the Admission Committee and Dean of the College. Students who have been academically dismissed from another college or university may not be considered until one year (two semesters) after their dismissal.

A student re-admitted to the College after academic dismissal from Jewell is not eligible for College, state or federal financial aid until the minimum institutional cumulative GPA of 2.0 is met and the required number of credit hours is satisfactorily completed.

A transfer student must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA to be eligible to apply for financial aid. Only transferable credit hours will be used to determine cumulative GPA; however, credit hours attempted and completed must be used to determine whether student has met the minimum standard for academic progress to receive financial assistance.


Students may appeal the immediate termination of financial aid in the event satisfactory academic progress was not met. For more information, click here.

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