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4-Year Graduation Guarantee

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The following programs of study are excluded from the Four Year Guarantee:

  1. Self-designed majors.
  2. Any major that the College does not permit to count as a student's primary major (e.g., ACT-In, Secondary Education)
  3. Programs of study that require completion at another institution (e.g., the Dual-Degree Engineering Curriculum, Occupational Therapy, etc.)

Students pursuing these programs of study are urged to work closely with their academic advisors in order to meet requirements for graduation as efficiently as possible.

Advising for the Four-Year Guarantee

In addition to offering an outstanding liberal arts education, William Jewell College believes that graduation in four years is essential for an affordable education and provides great momentum into graduate school or a career. The College expects all new, first year students to graduate in four years and, thus, save the added expense of additional semesters and the lost wages of starting a career later.

In recent years, approximately 90% of graduates have graduated in four years or less because William Jewell students are engaged, focused, and well mentored by faculty. William Jewell College offers the four year graduation guarantee to new, first year students who meet the following basic guidelines. With careful planning, it is quite likely that students can satisfy the requirements for multiple majors or minors in four years. The four-year guarantee, however, applies only to the essential requirements for graduation.

In order to graduate from William Jewell, one must satisfy three essential requirements:

  1. Earn at least 124 credit hours (AP, dual enrollment, in residence, etc.);
  2. Complete all requirements for Critical Thought and Inquiry (CTI), the College’s core curriculum;
  3. Complete all requirements for one academic major.

William Jewell guarantees that students can meet the graduation requirements stated above within four years (eight consecutive semesters) from the date of their original matriculation. Students who satisfy the guidelines stated below and who do not meet our graduation requirements within the four years may take up to an
additional sixteen credit hours required for graduation within one year of the originally-projected graduation date, free of tuition and fees.

  1. Effective fall semester 2009, enroll in William Jewell as a new, first year student.
  2. Maintain continuous enrollment at Jewell or in an officially approved off-campus study program for eight consecutive semesters following the date of the student's original matriculation.
  3. Maintain satisfactory academic progress while at Jewell. This means that:
    • The minimum hours necessary to maintain classification status must be successfully completed each year. That is, at the beginning of the third semester, the student must be classified as a sophomore; at the beginning of the fifth semester, as a junior; at the beginning of the seventh semester, as a senior.
    • All Level I CTI requirements (with the exception of foreign language and physical education) must be completed prior to the initiation of the second year.
    • The foreign language, physical education requirements, and all Level II CTI requirements must be completed prior to the initiation of the fourth year.
    • Complete CTI Capstone by the end of the fourth year.
    • The student must declare a major and register for appropriate classes in a manner that accords with the Major Guidelines of the student's chosen major. Each major has its own Major Guidelines, which are posted on the Advising webpage (Jewell Central - Faculty - Advising).
    • Prior to beginning study abroad, students who study overseas must secure approval of specific courses certifying that these courses will allow the student to stay on-track toward satisfying graduation requirements. The student must not fail any classes required for graduation or receive a grade of less than C- for an
      classes required for the major.
      • If, upon arriving at the study abroad location, the student learns that an approved course is not offered or that an irreconcilable scheduling conflict has occurred, she or he must inform the Director of the Office of International Studies within three business days of the discovery of the conflict in order to initiate the construction of an approved revised schedule.
      • Should the student follow the steps above and find it impossible (not inconvenient) to construct a schedule that will allow the student to stay on track, the Four Year Guarantee remains in effect.
  4. Remain in both good academic and disciplinary standing while at Jewell.

Students who wish to be assured of graduating in four years are responsible for taking certain steps to stay on track. The following guidelines are offered to assist students in responsible course planning and registration:

  • All account holds must be settled prior to the designated time for registration.
  • Students are to meet with advisors during the Advising period each semester so that the advisor can review the student's schedule and authorize the student to register.
  • Students need to register for classes as early as possible during their designated registration period.
  • Specific sections of courses are not guaranteed. As a result, students might need to enroll for a section of a course that is not a first choice.

The 2009-2011 Catalog states (p. 15): "It is the student's responsibility to comply with WJC Catalog regulations and posted registration policies and to enroll in courses appropriate for meeting degree requirements." Similarly, it is the student's responsibility to understand and follow both the General Guidelines and Major Guidelines to ensure graduation within four years. Students should consult their academic advisors if they have questions concerning either General or Major Guidelines.

Four-Year Graduation Guarantee

In order to see specific departmental guidelines for the Four Year Guarantee, click on the department or major link below. Please note these guidelines are for students who entered before the Fall of 2011.



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