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Molly Bryant
Major: History

Thinking Globally  

A Tulsa, Okla., native, senior Molly Bryant has had a busy time at Jewell working both on and off campus and traveling to three continents. She explains, “I won two summer scholarships given at Jewell that sent me to Ghana in West Africa and to Amsterdam. In addition, I studied in Central America during my junior year.” That trip sparked her interest in the women’s movement in Nicaragua, her senior thesis topic. It also helped her secure a job teaching in Ecuador after she graduates. Her ultimate goal is to continue her studies, possibly in socio-cultural anthropology, and to work with Spanish-speaking women.

What has majoring in history meant to Molly? “I have been able to incorporate a lot of my interests into my major field through the research I have done. I have really enjoyed investigating different topics like human trafficking.” Her history papers have involved much more than “writing down what happened. They have been very analytical and have forced me to present a logical argument and defend it.” Studying history has also given her a meaningful world view. “It helps me understand the context of various situations as well as the backgrounds of different people, political movements, etc.”

Molly feels that Jewell has prepared her well for work and for further study. One of the College’s greatest assets, she believes, is its small classes, an advantage she did not appreciate at first. “Jewell encourages communication between teachers and students. It is one of the many things that has kept me here. My history professors know what is going on in my life. They really care about me.”   

Studying history shapes minds, broadens views and prepares students for the world. Read how these history majors and professors find a connection with Jewell and their chosen field.









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