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Rachel Reis
Major: History

Exploring Options  

Rachel Reis hails from Texas and is in her second year at Jewell. She first came to Kansas City to look at another private college but decided to check out William Jewell. “After graduating from a class of 1200, I was searching for a smaller school,” she admits. Rachel especially enjoys the atmosphere that pervades the campus. “I like the fact that people are passionate about what they do and what their majors are. Most students concentrate on learning and are not just after a degree.”

In addition to her academic work, Rachel serves as an officer in a sorority she loves. “My duties have taught me how to handle myself in different situations, and they can translate into professional experience.” While at Jewell, Rachel has also been able to pursue several of her special interests including writing for the college newspaper, working with photography and reviewing music and films. She plans to become a photojournalist or a teacher.

For Rachel, the study of history has had many benefits. It has taught her that one event can be interpreted in many ways and that no single viewpoint is entirely accurate. “As a journalist, I want to remain objective rather than develop a preconceived opinion.” Rachel also likes the fact that upper-level history courses allow her to explore different subjects. “You can usually pick your own topic to research and have enormous freedom to dive into whatever you want.” She appreciates the Jewell history faculty and observes that “each professor is totally willing to work with students in or out of class.”  

Studying history shapes minds, broadens views and prepares students for the world. Read how these history majors and professors find a connection with Jewell and their chosen field.









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