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Student Affairs: Intramural Rules & Regulations

The following are the general and specific sport rules for William Jewell College Intramurals. These rules will stand as read unless deemed a necessary change by the intramural supervisor or director.

Eligibility Rules
All students registered as full-time undergraduate or graduate students at WJC, as well as faculty and staff members, are eligible to participate in activities within the intramural program. The Participation of all individuals, however, will be in accordance with the following: 
1. Members of WJC Athletics sports teams are ineligible for participation in that sport or its related sport if they remain on such a team during or after the first scheduled contest in that sport's season. Students who are trying out for a varsity team are ineligible for intramural competition in that sport until they are either cut or voluntarily withdraw from the team. In the event they are dropped or withdraw after the first scheduled contest of their sport's season, they are ineligible for intramural competition in that sport for the remainder of the year.
2. Any student, faculty or staff member who has competed in a sport on a professional basis shall be ineligible for intramural sport competition in that sport or its related sport.

Independent Teams
1. Students may organize teams for participation in the intramural sports of their choice. Team members may live in residence halls or off-campus.
2. Faculty and staff may participate as an independent team.
3. Both residence hall and off-campus students may participate in intramural activities with their respective student organization. Students participating with such teams must be current members of the organizations which those teams represent. Faculty and staff members affiliated with these organizations are eligible for intramural competition with their respective organizations.

Student Organization Teams
Both residence hall and off-campus students may participate in intramural activities with teams representing their respective social fraternities/sororities. Students participating with such organizations must be current due paying fraternity/sorority members or pledges. Faculty and staff members affiliated with fraternities/sororities may participate with their respective organizations. In order for teams to be entered as a Fraternity or Sorority Team, the organizations which they represent must be social fraternities/sororities and officially recognized by the Inter-Fraternity Council and/or Pan-Hellenic. All fraternities and sororities must have a current and complete membership list (including pledges) on file with the Director of Student Activities prior to all intramural activities.

General Rules
1. Schedules, registration dates and other pertinent intramural information will be posted on the Intramural Sports bulletin board and on the Intramural Sports website. It is a team and /or individuals responsibility to check the bulletin board or web page for scheduled games and upcoming events.
2. Entry forms for all intramural activities are available on the Intramural Sports website, or in the office of Student Affairs. Entries must be submitted by the established deadline for each activity. These dates are indicated on the registration forms. All entries must be turned into the office of Student Affairs by the registration due date. Any late entries may be accepted to play if scheduling allows. Failure to turn in a registration form on time will cause the team to lose participation points, but the team is still eligible for placing points.
3. When a sport is designated COED, it is mandatory to have 1/3 opposite sex team members on your respective team.
4.The Office of Student Affairs cannot assume responsibility for any injuries incurred during practice or participation in any of the scheduled activities. Participants are reminded that their participation in completely voluntary. Each year, a small number of injuries occur which require medical attention. The nature of sports activity and the number of WJC students who participate, combine to make this occurrence inevitable. It is strongly recommended that all participants have a physical examination and secure adequate medical insurance prior to participation.
5. To be eligible to compete in any given intramural contest, a player's name must be entered on the entry/registration form, maintained by the intramural director/supervisor.
6. If a player plays on a team, which after playing one or more contest, fails to complete the season in a particular sport he/she is ineligible to compete with any other team in that sport during the remainder of the season.
7. The Intramural Office reserves the right to rule in eligibility matters not covered in these rules.

A. If a team fails to appear at the playing site within five minutes following a game's scheduled playing time, the official may declare the team forfeited to the competition.
B. Any team which forfeits two scheduled contests will be dropped from competition in that sport for the remainder on the season.
A. Administrative postponements occur when the weather or other uncontrollable factors make rescheduling necessary.
B. If the weather is questionable, the Director of Student Activities may be contacted one hour prior to the day's first game for an official decision. A notice as to whether games will be played will also be sent to team contacts via e-mail.
C. In case of darkness for outdoor sports, the activity will be completed from its stopping point to finish unless otherwise stated by the Intramural Director/Supervisor.

No protests will be allowed. If a question arises during a game regarding interpretation of rules by an official, the game shall be stopped for clarification of the rule. The team desiring clarification should ask for time out to stop the clock. Once the game resumes the question has ended.

Intramural activities are provided for recreational benefits. Participants and spectators are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times. An individual (player, coach, or spectator) may be removed from the contest or playing area for any of the following reasons:
1. Foul Language
2. Harassment of officials
3. Unnecessary rough play
4. Fighting
5. Use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs
6. Failing to promote sportsmanship
If an individual refuses to comply with the rules, his/her team may be forced to forfeit the contest and the individual will not be eligible to compete in that activity the remainder of the season...or attend as a coach or spectator for the remainder of the season. It is the responsibility of the teams competing to see that the officials are not threatened or harmed. If such action does take place, the teams competing will be eliminated from intramurals for the entire year.

Suspensions A. Any player, coach or spectator who attempts to strike a contest official or intramural director/supervisor, but is restrained by teammates will be suspended for one year.
B. Participants involved in a fight during intramural play shall be suspended from intramural play for the remainder of the school year and be subject to disciplinary action.
C. Any player, coach, or spectator who strikes a game official or intramural director, supervisor, or staff will be permanently banned from Intramural Sports events and be subject to disciplinary action.
D. Any participant who fails to comply with directions from the intramural director/supervisor or staff faces suspension up to one full year.

Point System
A. Points will be awarded as follows:
    a. 1 point per organization participating, regardless of number of teams
    b. 2 points for third place
    c. 3 points for second place
    d. 4 points for first place
B. Participation-achievement point tables are used for deciding points to be awarded in intramural contests for awards. Points are not awarded for teams who forfeit.
C. If an organization enters more than one team, only two of the participating teams may receive points towards the Intramural Cup standings.
D. When teams tie for a place in a tournament, the tie will be broken by 1) head-to-head record 2) point totals of the two teams tied.
E. Point totals are posted on the Intramural Spots bulletin board and website at the end of each activity.
Intramural Cup Championship Tie-Breakers (we will start with number 1 and work our way down until a Champion can be determined):
    a. cumulative points with participation points
    b. total number of sporting events won
    c. head-to-head competition
    d. head-to-head sport (a to-be-determined competition between the two teams that are tied)


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