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 Mathematics at Jewell

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As a mathematics major at Jewell, you are challenged in your studies and invited to explore connections between different areas of mathematics, the sciences, and other liberal arts studies.  Courses are taught by Ph.D. faculty who are well-trained in their areas, enthusiastic, and student-friendly.

The department offers one major and one minor.  The mathematics major leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree.  Mathematics majors pursue a balanced study in pure and applied mathematics.  The department also offers a minor in mathematics.  For more information about the degree, please go to the Requirements page listed above.  

The department emphasizes several goals for student learning.  Students graduating with a BA degree in mathematics will:
  • Have a solid foundation in undergraduate mathematics necessary for lifelong learning in mathematics and related areas.
  • Think critically and creatively as mathematicians.
  • Develop skills in reading, writing, and presenting mathematical ideas, concepts, and problems.
  • Be prepared to pursue an enriching career or advanced study.
  • Be able to participate in a scholarly community.

Double Major / Minor
Mathematics majors are encouraged by the department to pursue a secondary major or a minor to broaden their training for the future.  A double major in mathematics and secondary education, for example, prepares you for teaching mathematics in grades 9-12.  A double major in mathematics and physics offers a natural fit for those wishing to pursue graduate studies in either discipline.

3-2 plan of engineering
Mathematics majors with interest in engineering also have the opportunity to participate in the 3-2 plan of engineering with Vanderbilt University, Washington University in St. Louis, the University of Kansas, or Columbia University in New York.  For more information, contact Dr. Pat Bunton.



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