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A degree in music is never an easy option and at William Jewell we demand high standards from our students, challenging them to further their understanding of, and accomplishment in, their art during their time here. Scholarships, which are competitive and talent-based, are awarded to both majors and non-majors who wish to participate in music while at Jewell – more information about scholarship applications, dates and requirements is available under Scholarships. 

Students graduating from the Department of Music should be able to:
     - Perform to a high standard on at least one instrument or voice
     - Demonstrate an understanding of common practice and post tonal theory
     - Speak with conviction about the development of music in the western tradition
     - Perform in an ensemble setting with a knowledge of how this is different from solo
     - Demonstrate functional piano skills
     - Use with some fluency at least one music related computer application
     - Have an understanding of the business of music
     - Confidently undertake research, making use of available resources (library, online, 
              databases, etc.)

Jewell offers three ways to study music at Jewell:



 As a music minor – you can study a shortened version of our music degree.  This  is perfect for the student who wants to major in another field but also wants to take advantage of high quality music instruction while in college and perhaps can imagine himself  being involved in amateur music making upon graduation.

As a participant in one of our Ensembles – you can choose from a variety of instrumental and choral ensembles.  Scholarships are available to talented students regardless of whether they are majoring in music or not. All our ensembles are treated as learning labs where majors and non-majors work side by side and are challenged to not just produce the right notes but to strive to create outstanding performances with insight and understanding. Take a moment to visit our Ensembles page to find out which one(s) might challenge you to greater musicianship while at William Jewell.

As a music major – you can attain a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in music and enjoy studying at one of the nations leading liberal arts colleges. Furthermore you can add an emphasis area and complete a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in one of the following areas: Church Music, Music Education (K-12), Music History, Music Theory or Composition, or Performance. The College also offers a self-design degree program. A number of students have used this program to combine courses in music and business.
Degree Programs Offered:

Bachelor of Arts in Music

Our B.A. degree allows you to attain a music degree in a truly liberal arts context. You will study all aspects of music (history, theory, performance) while also being encouraged to understand that study in the light of your other classes across campus. This would be an excellent degree to pursue alongside our new critical thought and inquiry major or in conjunction with another major or minor. A student graduating with a B.A. degree in music from William Jewell would be well prepared for graduate study at many of the leading graduate schools in the nation or to enter the job market in a variety of music and non-music related fields. We currently have students following the B.A. degree program who intend to also take pre-med courses and enter the medical profession or law school. Both these professions seek music graduates since the nature of thoughtful inquiry and dedication needed to be a successful music graduate are also a great foundation for careers that are demanding and often require the ability to think outside the box. - back -

Bachelor of Science in Music Education

Music education majors at William Jewell receive a degree that certifies them to teach grades K-12 in Missouri. Students choose an instrumental or choral track and are required to participate in ensembles and take private lessons during their tenure at Jewell. Our graduates are sought after and respected in the local area and across the region. For students who like to be challenged and exhibit strong communication skills, music education can be an excellent choice of both a degree program and a career. We have an excellent placement record upon graduation. - back -

Bachelor of Science in Music Performance

Our performance majors are required to participate in ensembles and to give both a half and full recital as a part of their studies at Jewell. We believe in the value of learning to be both an outstanding soloist and also a great ensemble participant , and our program reflects this at all levels. Performance majors are held to a high standard and are expected to develop their skills to the highest possible level for undergraduate study. Our degree program is an excellent foundation for acceptance into many prestigious graduate schools, and we have had graduates accepted into the Boston Conservatory, Cincinnati Conservatory, University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC) and Yale among others. We have graduates who are performing across the nation and the world in many of the most prestigious performing venues and opera houses. Performance at William Jewell is challenging yet  rewarding for those who wish to develop their skills to the highest levels. - back -

Bachelor of Science in Theory or Composition

Many students realize during their first year at Jewell how much they enjoy music theory and the act of writing their own original music. Our Theory or Composition program allows the talented and interested student to learn how to develop original ideas into either a music theory thesis or a 45-minute composition recital of original music. Both composition class and one-on-one composition lessons are required, and these are supplemented by coursework in orchestration, choral arranging and counterpoint. The department regularly  hosts many nationally and internationally recognized composers such as  John Corigliano and Adam Schoenberg. The department has also hosted leading composers in current church music including Mark Hayes and  Joe Martin. It is the philosophy of the composition faculty to encourage students to develop their own compositional "voice" or style by exposing them to a variety of 20th century art music and engaging them in discussion and thoughtful inquiry as to the place of composers and composition in the modern world. We have recently had students as finalists in the Ithaca College Choral Contest and the ACDA National Student Composition Contest. Many of our students have had notable success at the national and international levels. - back -

Bachelor of Science in Church Music

The Church Music program at William Jewell seeks to prepare graduates for a life of service to music within the church. Our program aims to equip students with individual skills (solo performance, theory, history, communication, ensembles) and a sense of the history of corporate worship in the church. Church Music majors are encouraged to be active in making music across campus and in gaining a variety of experience while at Jewell. We  require an  internship that is carefully monitored and through which students are mentored in the art of leading and planning worship. A Church Music graduate from William Jewell will have a depth of understanding that will enable him or her to continue to be active in church music for many years, effectively navigating the changing musical landscape that makes contemporary church music such an interesting and exciting career choice. - back -

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