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Oxbridge Honors Program

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Jessica at Oxford
Oxbridge student chronicles her year in England with 'Photo a Day.'

The Oxbridge Honors Program is the only program in the United States offering a full curriculum of tutorial-based instruction in conjunction with a year of study in England. This highly personalized approach to education combines the best of the British and American approaches to education.

Degree programs offered:

  • Bachelor of Arts:
    - Literature and Theory 
    - History
    - History of Ideas (interdisciplinary great books major)
    - Institutions and Policy (interdisciplinary philosophy, politics, and economics major)
    - Molecular Biology
    - Music


Students who are in the Oxbridge Program are prepared to enter a variety of fields. This reading- and writing-intensive program extends over all four years of college and culminates with senior comprehensive examinations. The small group of outstanding students study in individual or small-group tutorials and by independent reading and research. Students typically spend the third year in one of William Jewell’s programs in either Oxford or Cambridge, England. Other distinguishing characteristics of the major include:

  • The tutors to Oxbridge students are virtually all PhDs, each with years of teaching experience and at the peak of their professions;
  • Students get to drive their own studies and truly create a personalized major;
  • Students gain valuable skills, such as self-discipline, critical thinking, and independent study;
  • The overseas aspect of the major helps students to translate their skills into another culture and fine tune their interests before comprehensive exams.

Are you ready to pack your bags and pave your own way? Drop us an email, schedule a visit, or call us toll free (1-888-2-JEWELL).

Oxbridge Faculty:

Senior Tutor & Instructor of the Introductory Seminar
Dr. Kenneth D. Alpern (Philosophy)

Oxbridge English Language and Literature
Dr. Laurie C. Accardi (Adjunct in English)
Dr. Jennifer Cotter (English)
Dr. Sara L. Morrison (English)
Dr. Mark J. Walters (English) – Coordinator & Advisor

Oxbridge History
Dr. Thomas Howell (History)
Dr. Elaine A. Reynolds (History) – Coordinator & Advisor
Prof. Christopher Wilkins (History)
Dr. Jane Foster Woodruff (Modern Languages & History)

Oxbridge History of Ideas
Dr. Kenneth D. Alpern (Philosophy) – Acting Coordinator & Advisor
Dr. Milton P. Horne (Religion)
Dr. Randall C. Morris (Philosophy)
Dr. Elizabeth A. Sperry (Philosophy) – Coordinator & Advisor (on leave 2011-2012)

Oxbridge Institutions and Policy
Dr. Gary T. Armstrong (Political Science)
Dr. Rein Staal (Political Science)
Prof. Shawn Stogsdill (Adjunct in Political Science - Law)

Oxbridge Molecular Biology
Dr. Scott Falke (Biology)
Dr. Amy Kerzmann (Biology)
Dr. Jill Morris (Biology)
Dr. Lori Wetmore (Chemistry)

Oxbridge Music
Dr. Ian Coleman (Music) – Coordinator & Advisor (on leave 2011-2012)
Dr. Calvin C. Permenter, Jr. (Music)
Dr. Ronald K. Witzke (Music) – Acting Coordinator & Advisor


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