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Residence Halls

As a residential campus, William Jewell College places a high priority on the residence life experience of its students. We have assembled an excellent staff that interacts directly with students on a daily basis. First-year residence halls, Schumacher Hall, and the fraternity complex each have a full-time Resident Director who lives on campus. These staff members serve as a resource for students, enforce college policy within the residence halls, and create fun events for students throughout the school year.

Ely Hall

Ely Hall is a classic old brick building housing around 140 first-year women. Community bathrooms, study areas, and common areas can be found on each floor.

Hello! I am Samantha Anderson, Ely Hall Resident Director, and a 2000 William Jewell graduate. I live here full-time with my husband, Brad (a 1999 grad), and our two young daughters, Rory and Emme. We truly enjoy living in this community and I feel blessed to share life with the students here. William Jewell College is a big part of my personal story, and I’m thrilled to be part of the Jewell experience for my residents. I am here 24/7 to be a liaison for the college, an advocate for students, a resource and, sometimes, a 'professional friend.'

Ely Hall is one of two residence halls for first-year women on campus. With the potential to be home to 138 women, the common areas are never lacking in activity. The communal bathrooms set the stage for great conversation, frequent interactions and a real sense of community. Ely’s large main lobby is often transformed into a dance floor, workout space and movie theatre, based on which event the Residence Life staff is hosting.

One of the best aspects of my job is the Resident Assistant (RA) staff I supervise here in Ely Hall. My staff is made up of seven women who serve the first-year students living in Ely. As a staff we plan fun events for the girls, address any repairs/work needed within the building, enforce college policy and are present to answer the many questions first-year students often have. We do whatever it takes to create lifelong memories for the ladies of Ely. “Whatever it takes” sometimes means assuming alter-egos as the cheerleading duo “Arabesque and Herkie,” or organizing an Ely campout on one of the many grassy spots on the Hill.

These seven women hold an extra special place in my heart. Let me introduce you to my RAs...

Ally Hall (Junior) – Gifted with creative talents, Ally’s residents get her attention as she focuses on creating fun memories for their hall.

Denise Wood (Senior) – Involved and disciplined, Denise makes sure to carve out quality time each week to spend with her residents.

Jessie Chastain (Sophomore) – At first glance she may she quiet, but as her residents get to know her, they find a fun-loving spirit whose genuine and kind.

Allison O’Leary (Junior) – A “mom” to her residents, Allison is mature and kind, making her easy to come to for advice or a good talk.

Tori Litardo (Sophomore) – Tori is funny and “real,” making it easy for her to start friendships with her residents.

Kendra Weatherford (Junior) – Spunky and friendly, her welcoming demeanor creates an environment where her residents know she cares.

Meredith Moore (Junior) – A natural encourager, Meredith’s residents are blessed by her sincere personality.

The RAs live among the girls of Ely. They give advice on the Responsible Self papers they themselves were writing just a year or two ago and laugh with girls during late night runs to QT. On a walk through Ely you may find the girls of second floor doing their nightly 8-minute abs routine, students holed up in the study room writing papers together, a few people sitting on the front desk unpacking the events of the day, and quite possibly a group in the main lobby watching their favorite show on TV while sharing some Chipotle.

I remember the first time I told my mom I was “going home” when speaking about heading back to college. She looked at me very seriously and said, “This is your home.”

I consider it a privilege to be a part of your daughter’s ‘college home.’” 


Eaton Hall

Eaton Hall
Eaton Hall houses first-year men and has a capacity of about 142. The rooms are primarily double-occupancy, with two four-person rooms. Restrooms are community style. 

Jake Williams oversees Eaton Hall as the Resident Director.

"This is my second year as a Resident Director and I am thrilled to work with the great residence life staff here at William Jewell. Graduating from William Jewell in 2009 with a degree in Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership along with being a four-year student-athlete, I am excited to use the knowledge and experience I gained from my Jewell experience to provide a great atmosphere and living environment for students. This is my first semester as the RD in Eaton Hall and I cannot wait to tackle the challenge of working with first-year males. Growing up with two brothers along with living in Eaton Hall two years previously as a student has prepared me to handle the unique environment that is Eaton Hall.

Overall, I am an easy-going guy who likes work hard and have fun. My ultimate goal is to make students feel relaxed, comfortable and happy to call Eaton their home.

Playing a huge part in making the Eaton community environment so great is my Resident Assistant staff. They do an excellent job of keeping me organized and bringing students together within the hall. I am privileged to work with such an outstanding staff."

Following are members of the Eaton staff: 

Parker Artz – Junior Church Music and CTI major 
Ryan Buell – Sophomore Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership major
Bikesh Dahal – Sophomore physics major
Forrest McCurren – Sophomore International Relations and Rhetoric & Political Communication major 
Daniel Meegan – Senior Physical Education major
Paul Moore – Senior Political Science and Business Administration major
Sean Shelton – Sophomore Physical Education major 
Brett Whisler – Sophomore Physics major


Melrose Hall

Melrose Hall
Melrose Hall is a first-year women’s residence hall that can house 75 women. Suite-style living connects two double-occupancy rooms with a shared bathroom. This hall offers wireless computer connections in all rooms and common areas.

Melrose is luxury living on Jewell’s campus. Due to a tornado in 2003, Melrose was almost completely rebuilt, making it some of the newest housing on campus.

Perched atop a fortunate hill, we have an amazing view of Liberty, roller coasters at Worlds of Fun and the Kansas City skyline. Winter months offer breathtaking scenes of ice-covered trees and snowfalls.

Full-time Resident Director Liz Powell supervises Melrose Hall.

"Hi, I’m Liz. As the RD in Melrose, I have the privilege of living with 75 young, fun and inspiring women. It’s a joy to walk beside them as they embark on a pivotal and growing journey here at Jewell. I spend the majority of my time building relationships with residents and serving as a steady hand of support for them during this transition. The rest of my job entails working in Student Affairs, doing things around the building and planning spectacular programming events that make Melrose a fun and inviting place to live. I am a recent graduate of Jewell and chose this position because of my passion for community and the beauty and challenges that unfold during the college experience.

I have a team of six women, Resident Assistants (RAs), who are current students living on each floor and who interact with our residents every day. As a staff we plan fun events for our residents, address any repairs/work needed to be done within the building, enforce college policy, and are present to answer the many questions first-year students often have. The RAs are a valuable resource to the first-year residents as they provide a fresh and understanding perspective. They are fun, creative and hard working. I appreciate them very much. Let me introduce them to you:

Heather Marshall (Senior) – Cheerful and bubbly Heather is going to be a great elementary teacher someday. She is a hard-worker, enthusiastic and represents the ladies in our basement.

Kristina Kory (Junior) – She is thoughtful and a good listener. Kristina loves reading, blogging and is willing to help out whenever is needed. She resides on our first floor.

Betsy Hendrix (Junior) – Betsy is a funny girl and loves to bake. She will put herself out there for others to feel comfortable and always has an interesting story to tell. She lives on the second floor.

Samantha Brant (Senior) – Talented and friendly, Sam works hard to ensure her residents are having a memorable first-year experience. She is passionate about music and teaching. She resides on the second floor.

Maddy Onumbu (Sophomore) – Kind and understanding, Maddy is involved in her residents’ lives and takes the time to get to know them. She is good at serving people and her third floor residents get to see this.

Carrie King (Sophomore) – Carrie is strong in her faith and holds a positive attitude, encouraging those around her. She is a strong player on the volleyball team and is willing to try new things. She is an RA on the third floor.

We are proud to be Melrose girls.”


Fraternity Circle and Shumaker Hall

Housing many of Jewell’s Greek men, Fraternity Circle is made up of three individual fraternity houses along a common street. In Shumaker Hall, Greek women from each of the four sororities live together in one building, while enjoying individual common areas, kitchens and meeting rooms.

Brittany Talley serves as the Assistant Resident Director for the men of Fraternity Circle.

Brittany Talley graduated from Jewell in 2009 and is currently working as the Coordinator for Multicultural Programming as well as the Assistant Resident Director in Fraternity Circle. As a Jewell Student, she participated in Residence Life as an RA and worked with the UNITY Student Organization (so she’s basically getting paid to do what she did in college). She is having a fantastic time getting to know the guys in the circle and looks forward to meeting the new pledges in the Spring Semester. In her spare time, she likes to read, watch funny television shows and volunteer for MOCSA (Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault). 

Sara Bailey serves as the Resident Director for the Greek students of William Jewell College.

“It’s all Greek for me. Literally.

If you had told me years ago that I would be the Resident Director for the Greek students at William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri, I am pretty sure that would have been the joke of the year. The ironic thing is that I’m still laughing, and I’ve lived in the complex four years.

You see, I grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming-the land of Great Plains, windy weather, and Cheyenne Frontier Days. Kansas City only came to mind while watching the Broncos play the Chiefs. However, my brother registered KC as a large blip on my radar when he chose to attend WJC. Being the little sister that I am, two years later, I followed in his footsteps.

After graduating with my elementary education degree, I spent a year teaching English as a Second Language and two years teaching fourth grade. I fully planned on teaching for thirty years, but God has other plans. Now I find myself working full-time at William Jewell with the men and women of the Greek system. And I know this is exactly where I am supposed to be.

The Interfraternity and Panhellenic Councils encourage strong communication and effective cooperation among the fraternities and sororities. Living in the Greek community invites many opportunities to do just that. It also offers the chance to practice and grow in positive self-governance all while living in beautifully designed and decorated facilities.

As part of the self-governance, the chapter presidents work with the Resident Director in lieu of a Resident Assistant staff. These fraternity presidents are: Matt Goldschmidt-Kappa Alpha, Alec Chambers-Lambda Chi Alpha, Nate Chastain-Phi Gamma Delta, and Austin Angell-Sigma Nu. The sorority presidents are: Jen McKnight-Alpha Delta Pi, Caitlin Tejeda-Alpha Gamma Delta, Samantha Lyons-Delta Zeta, and Rachel Crenshaw-Zeta Tau Alpha. Check out each chapter’s website under the Greek Life tab to catch a glimpse of the unique groups these individuals lead. It is an honor to work with these leaders on campus.”

Browning Hall 

Browning Hall
Browning Hall is a place of constant activity, students can be found gathered in the main lobby, surrounded by books in a study room, or tempting other residents with smells of baking in the kitchen.




Semple Hall

Semple Hall
Semple Hall is co-ed housing for upper-class students. With enough beds to house around 180 students, Semple residents represent a wide range of fields of study, interests and personal involvement on campus.

Serving as the Assistant Resident Director of Semple Hall is Deven Christian.

“I am a spring 2011 grad and this will be my first year as an Assistant Resident Director. In combination with the current residence life staff and spending the past three years as a Resident Assistant, I am well equipped and eager to make the living experience in Semple Hall one that is enjoyable while maintaining the safety and well-being of all its residents.”

Semple Hall has undergone many changes over the years. The most noticeable change is that men are now living in Semple. That’s right, men. Previously the housing location of the sororities, Semple Hall is now open to all upper class students due in part to the relocation of the sorority women to Shumaker Hall. This new assortment of students living in Semple adds a degree of “zing” to the overall atmosphere, giving Semple a community experience unlike any other residence hall on campus.

A special nod goes out to the following Resident Assistant staff members who are not only good stewards of the building, but are largely responsible for carrying out numerous programming events each month and shaping the overall sense of community within these walls.


Jones Hall 

Jones Hall
Jones Hall is co-ed housing for our international language assistants. This building also houses the Multicultural Center
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