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Residence Life:  Residence Hall Checkout Procedures

Are you moving out of your room, to either move to a different room on-campus or to leave campus for the year?  To make your transition smooth, please take the time to follow the procedures below and insure you check out properly.  It will save you headaches and probably some money, too.

First, set a date and time with a staff member of your building for your room inspection.  This is very important to assure someone will be available at the time you are ready to leave.

Then, pack up all of your personal belongings.  Once this is done, you can easily clean your room (sweep or vacuum, etc.) and remove all trash.  Residence life staff must be able to easily assess the room's condition, and if your belongings are not packed, they will not be able to do this well.

Once you are packed and the room is clean (remember to take out all trash!), the room is officially ready for checkout.  Since you have already set a time for this with a staff member, your checkout should not take long.  You and your RA (or RD) will review the Room Inventory form you and your RA filled out when you first moved in.  Go through each item, examine its condition, and the RA will note any changes or damages to room items.

If damages are determined, the staff member can provide an estimate as to the cost, based on the Damage Charges listing (see Residence Life home page).  Costs are estimates only, as Facilities Management staff will ultimately determine the final cost of repairs for all damages.  You, the resident, will be given the opportunity to review the completed inventory form and ask any questions about the assessments made by staff.  The inventory form should also indicate how much each resident of the room owes for damages, if applicable.  If your RA cannot answer your question, then see your building RD or the Office of Student Affairs.

Once the room assessment is done, then you will turn your keys into the staff member assisting you.  The staff member will have you sign and date your inventory form, and then sign off on all of the changes her or himself.  This should complete your room checkout process.

If you have been assessed any damages, that amount will be deducted from your $100.00 housing deposit you paid upon moving into campus housing.  If your damages exceed the $100.00 deposit, you will receive a bill for the excess amount from the College within 60 days of your departure.

All residents checking out of campus housing have to follow this procedure.  Failure to appropriately checkout (packing and leaving without going through this process with a staff member, giving your keys to your roommate to pass onto staff, taking excessive time to move out of a room, etc.) will result in a $50.00 fine to your student account.  This fine is in addition to any room damage costs you might have.  Please note that a student moving any personal items to a newly-assigned room on-campus, prior to approval to move from the Office of Student Affairs, will also result in an Improper Checkout fee.

Questions may be directed to your RA, RD or the Residence Life Staff.


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