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Residence Life:  Room Change Requests

Download      Residence Hall Room Change Request Form - Greek Housing Room Change Request Form

So, you moved into your room in the fall and now you want to move to another room or maybe even a whole new building!  What do you need to do?

Step 1
First, you need to obtain a Room Change Request Form (link above) and fill out the top portion.  You have to know the building and room number you wish to move into and write that information in the appropriate area on the form.  Once you have this critical information completed, you have to get the appropriate signatures.

This means your current roommate(s), new roommate(s), current RA, new RA, current RD and new RD (Chapter Presidents replace RA and RD signatures, if Greek housing is involved) all have to sign your form, signifying their approval of your request to move.  Wow!  That's a lot of signatures, but it goes pretty fast if you are organized and have already let them know you are wanting to make this change.

Once your current or new RD signs your form (one of the RDs should be the second to last signature you obtain), then the form is ready to submit to the Office of Student Affairs, for the Director of Campus Life to review and either approve or deny your request.  Once that decision is made, you will be notified via your Jewell e-mail account.  Make sure to check your email regularly!  Notification may take up to several working days, so please be patient.

Step 2
If you have been approved, you may then pack your personal items and prepare your room for your
Room Checkout Procedure (see Residence Life home page).  Make sure you do not move ANY personal items before you receive official approval from the Office of Student Affairs.  If you begin moving before permission is granted, you will be charged the $50.00 Improper Checkout fee and may not be approved to move at all.

Step 3
Once approval to move has been communicated to the student (via Jewell email account), the student must be completely moved out of her/his current room and into her/his new room within 48 hours or by the weekend, whichever deadline is earlier.  Failure to follow this timeline, or make arrangements with your RD, will result in an Improper Checkout charge of $50.00 as well.  Please see your building RD with questions.

Questions can be directed to your RA, RD or the Residence Life Staff. 


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